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Mantic Games Unveils Refreshed Northern Alliance Units

Mantic Games Unveils Refreshed Northern Alliance Units

As summer heats up, Mantic Games is introducing a winter chill to the world of Kings of War with their latest update to the Northern Alliance units. The gaming company has been reworking their popular Northern Alliance tribal aesthetic units and winter warfare gameplay mechanics, and players can expect some cool new changes.

The Pack Hunters, originally well-balanced units, are gaining a new Tundra Fighters special rule, capturing the Northern Alliance’s ability to spot and target enemy fighters succumbing to the cold due to ice magic or chilling unit presence. This rule highlights the Northern Alliance’s survival and battle skills in freezing conditions and encourages different units to work together against their common enemies. More details on the rule will be revealed in an upcoming video by Mantic Games.

The Clansmen, originally intended to be the robust core of the army, are undergoing a significant rules revamp and reemerging as the Tribesmen. These redefined units now occupy a spot between standard Clan Warriors and the elite Berserker units in terms of points and stats. Tribesmen will also have access to the new Tundra Fighters special rule as a unit upgrade, enhancing their battlefield effectiveness.

In line with Mantic Games’ shift away from PVC material for infantry, the beloved Huscarls are getting a rework and rebirth as the Hearthguard. This update retains the well-liked stats and heavy infantry footprint of the Huscarls while introducing a new upgrade to the Tribesmen regiment. Players will be limited to two Hearthguard units per army. An upgrade kit will soon be available for those wishing to turn their hard plastic Tribesmen kits into the new Hearthguard unit.

As the Northern Alliance gears up for future battles, the updated units will offer new synergistic play options that reward well-executed combined arms tactics and effective use of the Frozen mechanic. The Hearthguard, in particular, is designed to fit seamlessly into this new style of play.

Mantic Games promises even more excitement ahead. They are planning to reveal new hard plastic kits, provide faction tactics and design commentary, and share the first details of an upcoming global campaign. The company remains committed to adding fresh ideas and fun to their games while ensuring a competitive balance among the factions of Pannithor.