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“Aftermath”: A New Chapter in the Infinity Universe Unveiled

“Aftermath”: A New Chapter in the Infinity Universe Unveiled

The Plot Thickens

This year, fans of the Infinity Universe are in for a special treat with the release of the new graphic novel, “Aftermath.” This narrative comes hot on the heels of the adventure game “Infinity Betrayal,” which was released in 2020. Victor Santos crafts the story, while Pedro Andreo brings the universe to life with striking visuals.

A High-Stakes Heist

Set aboard the Nomad ships in the tense world of illegal Aristeia! competitions, “Aftermath” revolves around young hacker Uhahu and seasoned Caledonian fighter Denma Connolly. Both characters decide to rig a game of Aristeia! and make off with the earnings, unwittingly getting embroiled in an international conspiracy that could change the very fabric of the Infinity Universe.

Characters Old and New

For those familiar with the Infinity universe, the names of Uhahu, first introduced in the “Infinity Outrage” manga, and Denma Connolly will certainly ring a bell. These two heroes are not the only ones who will be facing peril, as readers will encounter cameos from well-known Infinity characters.

A Shadowy Antagonist

Adding more layers to the story is Ksenia Lavochkina, the leader of the Tunguskan mob syndicate Structura. Known for her ruthlessness and cunning, Lavochkina is a character you wouldn’t want to cross paths with. She has an integral role in “Aftermath” and is likely to become a fan-favorite.

Bonus Content

For those who can’t get enough of the Infinity Universe, the graphic novel will have a special edition that includes a miniature figure of Ksenia Lavochkina. Moreover, a box set featuring characters from the novel—Uhahu, Denma Connolly, Ishinomori, K1lljoy, and Raiza—is in the works.

Intriguing Additions

A new set of characters make their debut in this novel:

  • Ishinomori: A fearsome Chimera known for his body alterations, increasing his ferocity in close combat.
  • K1lljoy: A combat machine that embodies precision and reliability.
  • Raiza: Known as the ‘whispering death,’ he’s a stealthy killer whose breath you feel right before his kukri blade takes you out.