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Free League Publishing Unveils Exciting Lineup for Late 2023

Free League Publishing Unveils Exciting Lineup for Late 2023

As the summer’s warmth gives way to autumn’s chill, Free League Publishing invites fans to embark on extraordinary journeys into magical worlds, thrilling adventures, and timeless tales. This Q3-Q4 2023, prepare to explore Middle-earth, sail the high seas, survive a zombie apocalypse, unravel ancient mysteries, and much more. Here’s a look at the lineup:

The One Ring™ RPG: Moria™ – Through the Doors of Durin

  • Release: Kickstarter-campaign begins August 29
  • Delve into the epic campaign expansion of Khazad-dûm in this Tolkien-based RPG. A 5E edition under the title Moria™ – Shadow of Khazad-dûm is also in the works. Early backers will receive a special bonus. Kickstarter sign-up page


  • Release: September 19
  • This art-heavy RPG invites you to raid, pillage, and plunder as a greedy pirate. A scurvy adventure awaits!

The Walking Dead Universe RPG

  • Release: November 2023
  • Enter the harrowing world of The Walking Dead in this new RPG. Struggle, survive, and define who you are in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Dunwich Horror by Lovecraft/Baranger

  • Release: November
  • Experience the classic American horror of H.P. Lovecraft with beautiful illustrations by François Baranger.

Tales From the Loop: They Grow Up So Fast

  • Release: September 5
  • Return to the ’80s in this campaign expansion for the award-winning RPG. Four adventures await the young adventurers.

Symbaroum: Davokar Awakens

  • Release: October
  • The final chapter of the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns unfolds in this dark fantasy RPG.

Vaesen: The Lost Mountain Saga

  • Release: October
  • Explore ancient myths and horrors in the Mythic North in this epic campaign.

The One Ring™ Roleplaying Games

  • Release: November
  • Explore Middle-earth in these expansions and 5E adaptations for The One Ring™ and The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying games.

With this impressive array of offerings, Free League Publishing has laid out a treasure trove of adventures that cater to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences. From the echoing chambers of Moria to the haunting streets of Dunwich, there is something for every fan of roleplaying, be it a seasoned player or a beginner eager to embark on a journey of imagination.

As the year draws to a close, Free League Publishing teases that there may be more secrets to uncover, promising even more strange and wondrous adventures. Keep an eye out for updates, and prepare to lose yourself in the immersive worlds they have crafted.