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Z-Man Games Announces Paleo Board Game

Z-Man Games Announces Paleo Board Game

Along with the new edition of Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers, Z-Man Games is keeping it in the time of the cavemen with Paleo, a new cooperative survival board game. Can you make it through the daily life of one of our ancient ancestors.

From the announcement:

A new day dawns in the Stone Age. Not only must your tribe fight for survival, but slowly and steadily your mind has wandered to the question of your legacy. You dream of completing an artistic masterpiece, one that will outlive you and remind the generations to come that you were here. But still, dangers abound—animals, storms, and other hostile tribes await you in the wild. Will you survive long enough to see your project completed?

Announcing Paleo, a cooperative survival adventure! Take on the roles of a prehistoric people filled with fierce warriors, clever inventors, and watchful scouts. Only by working together can you survive to see your masterful cave painting completed.

Try the game on Tabletopia, and preorder Paleo online or through your local game store today.