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Old School Wargames’ Gettysburg 1863 Sees Success on Kickstarter

Old School Wargames’ Gettysburg 1863 Sees Success on Kickstarter

In the realm of historical war board games, Old School Wargames has emerged as a notable player, further demonstrated by the success of their Kickstarter campaign for “Gettysburg 1863.” It’s the fourth volume in the company’s Civil War Brigade Series, and it’s leaving quite an impression, with $37,764 pledged of its modest $1,863 goal. With the support of 356 backers and still 16 days to go – ending June 3, Gettysburg 1863 is setting a high bar for historical gaming.

Gettysburg 1863 takes players back to one of the most crucial battles of the American Civil War. Using the largest mounted game board that Old School Wargames has ever crafted, players can refight this historic encounter at a level of detail that’s both impressive and immersive. To offer a sense of scale, each hex on the board equals 200-220 yards, with each strength point representing 100 men or 1 to 3 cannons, and each turn equivalent to 1 hour.

The game features 3/4″ thick counters with large hexes, a departure that demanded the creation of a larger game board to accommodate the larger scale. This scale not only adds to the visual impact of the game but also aids in gameplay readability.

The game includes six distinct scenarios based on real historical events, with each single-day scenario taking between 1 to 3 hours to play, while the full battle scenario could span 6 – 10 hours. Gamers can enjoy unique aspects like new terrain rules for multi-level hex changes, a new rout rule, special rules for early or late arrival of reinforcements, and follow-up attacks.

Kickstarter backers are also in for a treat with exclusive rewards that include two 11″ x 17″ command tree displays, one for the Union and one for the Confederate armies. These exclusives won’t be available after the Kickstarter. Additional stretch goals including inside box printing and a box sleeve add extra value to pledges.

Moreover, the campaign is offering bundle deals with previous entries in the series – Antietam, Shiloh, and Seven Days – with no additional cost for shipping within the USA. Backers who opt for these bundles will receive their orders within three weeks of the campaign’s end.

The Gettysburg 1863 package boasts a large sturdy game box with beautiful full-color art, two hard-mounted game boards, five counter sheets with 3/4″ counters, double-sided player aids, two 10-sided dice, series game rules, battle booklets with scenarios and historical commentary, and a counter tray.

With Gettysburg 1863, Old School Wargames has crafted a board game experience that invites players to step into the shoes of Civil War commanders and relive history. The game is easily playable by teams of 3 or more, offering an immersive and educational cooperative experience that is sure to delight history buffs and board game enthusiasts alike.