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Kickstarter Campaign Underway for FILLER: A Novel Storage Solution for Pocket Board Games by Filler Gaming

Kickstarter Campaign Underway for FILLER: A Novel Storage Solution for Pocket Board Games by Filler Gaming

Filler Gaming has made an impressive splash on Kickstarter with their unique and innovative storage system for pocket board games, FILLER. Within days of launching, the project surpassed its original funding goal of $10,731, and currently stands at an impressive $87,256 pledged from 1,086 backers. The campaign still has 24 days to go, ending on June 22, promising even greater milestones in the days ahead.

The FILLER system addresses a common issue for board game enthusiasts: the need for an efficient, compact, and aesthetically pleasing storage solution. Conceived by gamers and designers who understand the joy of a perfectly organized collection, FILLER serves as a neat and convenient way to store pocket-sized games.

Among FILLER’s most exciting features is a white-coated, hardened steel stand add-on, which allows easy access to the lower box without having to move the upper one. This clever innovation also enables users to stack boxes without the lids if they need to use them as trays.

Another highlight is the system’s compatibility with IKEA’s popular KALLAX shelving, where it can be arranged in various ways for maximum space optimization and visibility.

In addition, FILLER provides a practical and protective solution for outdoor gaming. It includes two Travel Bands with each pledge, ensuring safe transportation of games.

Other perks include a reusable and non-glue Sticker Pack to enhance the sorting system, neoprene inlays for use as dice trays, and acrylic card stands as add-ons. FILLER even offers the possibility to use the lids as trays for components, cards, or miniatures. The boxes can also store gaming accessories like card sleeves, ziplock bags, and dice.

Filler Gaming’s storage solution is made from durable, recycled plastic, making it an eco-conscious choice. The product will be available in two initial colors: white and orange. However, the creators promise that other color options, as well as more stretch goals, will be revealed as the campaign progresses.