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Warlord Games Unveils New American Civil War Sets

Warlord Games Unveils New American Civil War Sets

Warlord Games is set to release a trio of eagerly awaited 28mm boxed sets for the American Civil War. With new Warlord Resin kits on the horizon, players can anticipate a fresh Black Powder period to explore.

The upcoming releases include a pair of Warlord Resin infantry boxed sets, each designed for versatility and usability for both Union and Confederate forces. The sets feature intricate details, with one set depicting soldiers advancing and the other holding a firing line. Complete with a four-man command group and flag sheets for both factions, these sets promise dynamic and well-led forces ready for battle.

Additionally, Warlord Games introduces a new artillery battery box, offering players a trio of guns with multiple assembly options. This kit allows players to represent the diverse array of artillery used during the American Civil War, from aged 12-pounder ‘Napoleons’ to modern Parrott Rifles and more.

The decision to create specific 28mm models for the American Civil War stems from the success of the Epic Battles range, demonstrating the enthusiastic response from the gaming community. Warlord Games aims to provide players with a comprehensive gaming experience for this historical period, encompassing the intricacies of the conflict.

With a nod to the last of the ‘Napoleonic’-style major conflicts, the American Civil War offers a unique blend of traditional warfare and rapidly evolving technology. Fans of snazzy hats, grand flags, rifle-muskets, hot air balloons, and steam engines will find the era captivating.

The Black Powder Second Edition rulebook caters to players seeking an immersive gaming experience for the American Civil War. For a deeper dive, the ‘Glory, Hallelujah!’ Black Powder supplement offers expertly researched scenarios, unit profiles, and historical insights to enhance the authenticity of tabletop battles, whether in 28mm or Epic Battles scale.