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“Unleash the Horrors with Mantic Games’ New Nightstalkers Line: Featuring Terrifying Creatures, Lore and Updated Characters”

“Unleash the Horrors with Mantic Games’ New Nightstalkers Line: Featuring Terrifying Creatures, Lore and Updated Characters”

Mantic Games has just released a terrifying update for fans of their Nightstalkers range. With a host of new kits and thrilling additions, gamers can expect a surge of gribbly horrors to haunt their fantasy battlefields.

In a continuation of their efforts to refresh various factions, Mantic Games has turned its attention to the Nightstalkers, and the results are spine-chilling. These new releases promise to take cosmic horror wargaming in Pannithor to a whole new level. Let’s dive into the exciting details.

To kick off the Nightstalkers celebration, Mantic Games is offering a FREE Nightstalkers Guide. This guide is packed with lore, design insights, assembly guides, battle tactics, and more. Consider it a mini-magazine for enthusiasts and an essential resource for those facing off against this otherworldly faction. Make sure to grab your own copy and discover the secrets that lie within.

One of the most highly anticipated additions to the Nightstalkers range is the Void Lurker. This awe-inspiring miniature has been the subject of speculation among gamers ever since its profile was revealed in the 3rd Edition rulebook. With its release, the Void Lurker lives up to the hype, boasting stunning details that make it a perfect centerpiece unit or an exciting painting project.

The sculptor, Luigi, has created a nightmarish creature that embodies darkness and hunger. Its head, devoid of eyes, is a massive gaping maw, instilling fear in the hearts of opponents. Luigi employed a unique technique to achieve a starved appearance, constructing a skeleton-like thorax before layering a thin ‘digital skin’ over it—an unsettling process that adds to the creature’s eerie allure.

Not only is the Void Lurker visually captivating, but it also tells a story. Crushing an ancient elven stone column, this monstrous entity adds an extra dimension to your battles and offers a head-start for diorama basing. Additionally, the new Reaper and Butcher hard plastic frames include small basing elements with the same architectural style, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your Nightstalker army.

For those eager to join the ranks of the Nightstalkers, Mantic Games has introduced three army bundles designed to suit different levels of commitment. The Ambush Starter set is perfect for beginners, providing the new Reapers and Butchers units, along with Quick Start rules to jump into the action right away.

If you’re ready to delve deeper into the darkness, the Army box offers versatility. It allows you to build any of the hard plastic units available for the Nightstalkers and includes a couple of resin ‘heroes’ to enhance your forces.

For the ultimate Nightstalker experience, the Mega Army box is an unmissable choice. Bursting with hard plastic frames, a resin hero, and a hulking Terror serving as the centerpiece monster, this box promises to take your army to formidable heights. Keep an eye out for an upcoming unboxing video, where Mantic Games will showcase the magnificence of this hobby treasure trove.

Mantic Games has also improved other faction units, such as [insert faction name] and [insert faction name], transitioning them from PVC to exquisitely-detailed, hand-cast resin. With these updates, the entire range receives a visual overhaul, elevating the gaming experience for enthusiasts.

The new rules and units for the Nightstalkers range are set to go live in the coming week, starting from the 19th.