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Inquisitorial Agents Sprues Unveiled: A Flexible and Unique Kill Team in Kill Team: Ashes of Faith

Inquisitorial Agents Sprues Unveiled: A Flexible and Unique Kill Team in Kill Team: Ashes of Faith

Games Workshop has revealed the upcoming release of Kill Team: Ashes of Faith, featuring the brand new Inquisitorial Agents Sprues. Players will have the opportunity to build a kill team that is not only versatile, but also unique and full of personality.

The Inquisitorial Agents are the backbone of the Inquisition, acting as the eyes and ears of their Inquisitor in the field. In Kill Team: Ashes of Faith, players can lead their own team of agents in a mission to stop a Chaos cult from gaining a foothold.

What makes the Inquisitorial Agents Sprues so special is the fact that four of the operatives can each be built as two entirely different characters, providing a level of flexibility that is unmatched in previous Kill Team releases.

The Interrogator is the second-in-command who leads the team in the field, while the Enlightener is a blade-wielding maniac recruited for their ability to cripple their foes with the nick of a knife. The Pistoleers are well-equipped to mow down all kinds of rabble, while the Questkeeper is a zealous close combat machine who hefts a massive eviscerator into combat.

The Mystic is a psychic adept trained to resist the malign influence of the warp and channel its power into miraculous feats of divination, while the Hexorcist is an angry old man with a shotgun who also serves as the spiritual heart of the team.

Perhaps the most distinctive operatives are those drawn from the Astra Militarum. These operatives are clad in a rough mix of armor plates and torn fabric, reflecting their status as untrustworthy criminal scum or hardy death world veterans.

Players will also have access to unique character builds in the form of Autosavant, Tome-skull, and Servitor. The Autosavant is covered in small mechanical limbs to record information, while the Servitor can choose from heavy bolter, multi-melta, or plasma cannon.