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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday Terrain Corner

Another week is just zipping along. As always, that’s not a complaint. But after a weekend at the Ren Faire, another at MomoCon, and another at a friend’s cookout, I’m looking forward to this one just being a lazy weekend at home. If I can be asleep for around 75% of the time, that’d be pretty sweet. But before I get there, I need to get your gaming tables looking good. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Zectonium Prison Mines Terrain Up On Kickstarter

The Zectonium Prison Mines is a vast collection of 3D printable terrain that gives you the creative freedom to build immersive industrial landscapes and brutal, off-world mining facilities.  

Unfold your story of daring prisoner escapes, battle over coveted minerals and explore the enigmatic, ancient alien ruins as your forces fight through the putrid smog of heavy industry.

The Obliquus Castellum Terrain up On Kickstarter

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Digital files for a citadel with defense tower and bridge
  • Everything is oblique! All walls are approx. 20° inclined – anyone can do straight. 
  • Modular through connectors
  • All parts 100% support-free! (for FDM printers)
  • More than 75 STL-files
  • 28 mm scale or bigger
  • Designed by hobbyists for hobbyists
  • All parts are already created and test printed
  • Everything will fit the average sized 200mm x 200mm print bed

Sump City Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Want the coolest, easy to print and paint terrain to make your gaming tables look as good as ever? Now is your chance to grab this huge collection of 3d printable STL files, optimized for FDM 3d printers at a discounted price.  From high vantage points and scenic buildings, all the way to LoS blocking ruins and scatterthis collection has everything you need to make your own city and your gaming experience pop. Ideal for games such as Necromunda, Kill Team, Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Warhammer 40K and practically any other skirmish or full on wargame. 

Japanese Architecture Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to my campaign “Japanese architecture” 28 mm for 3D printing of various areas – games, decorations, etc. Each model is cut and exported to STL format. Each part has been corrected for various errors and is ready for printing. Below is the rendering and animation for each model. This collection was created by me personally, and I hope that you will appreciate my work. Thanks to everyone who decided to support me, any support is important!

Halfling Village Terrain up On Kickstarter

This Kickstarter offers six 3D printable halfling houses of different sizes, delivered as Digital Files for 3D printing or customizable asset packs for Townbuilder or (for the first time!) PRINTED and shipped right to your doorstep!