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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. Weekend Eve Eve. We’re almost there. Just a couple more days and we’ll be there. The days are continuing on busily. That makes time go by quickly, of course, but I could maybe use a nap. But before I nod off for an hour or two, let’s get your gaming tables looking good. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Druidic Mining Settlement Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to my new kickstarter project!

 After a lot of time with alien environments and huge buildings 😛 , we go back a bit to the origins with a “Pay what you want” project, as well as having the option of adding an expansion with more pieces (and some previous campaign as an add-on, because some people asked for it)

 I’ll keep writing this for those who don’t know… Being a “pay what you want” campaign means that, for the contribution you want (minimum €1), or can pay, or think that it deserves, you will receive a set of STL files so you can print on your 3D printer. And if you are looking for something else, for a higher contribution, you can also get the extra/expansion set that I have added.

 I would like to stress that what you will receive are the digital files, not the physical models. Each one should then print them to use or play with them. And also to say (later I’ll explain it in more detail) that this is mainly designed for FDM printers.

Segone 3: Lands of Mistheim Terrain Up On Kickstarter

3D printable tiles to create a world map at different scales! Print your world map, or your villages, create your own games !

Grab and Go Bundle of Maps Up On Kickstarter

This is my first venture with my business ‘Enchanters of the Realm’. I hope to one day be a full time creator, and this is my first step on that journey. Soon I’ll have unique one shots and full campaigns to offer, but every adventure must start somewhere. So why not a grab and go pack of maps for my fellow DMs and GMs?

Dwarven Mountain House 2 Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Hi Backers! Introducing the Dwarven Mountain House 2. This is a follow up to my last Dwarven House! You can get them as a bundle by selecting the bundle option. 

 I hope you like it, it’s a pretty cool fully functional piece of terrain!

Medieval Environment Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Hello everyone I am glad to see you in my new project!

This project contains a medieval environment, the environment is made entirely of stone.

I hope you enjoy the new project)

the project has created stretching goals that our joint efforts will open and expand the project within 17 days!

Gothic Ruined Building Terrain Up On Kickstarter

You can choose between 4 rewards divided according to delivery time.

Set D is already in the store since its inception. After several recommendations from customers I wanted to expand with the ruins that you will find in Set A, B and C,

Layer height: 0.2

Below we begin the breakdown of what you can get.