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Strange Owl Games Launches Amboria: Roleplaying in the World Under Starlight on Kickstarter

Strange Owl Games Launches Amboria: Roleplaying in the World Under Starlight on Kickstarter

Step into a realm where folklore meets high fantasy. Embark on a journey of epic proportions in Amboria: Roleplaying in the World Under Starlight, the latest offering from Strange Owl Games. Conceived by Richard Rohlin and the team at Strange Owl Games, this project has just launched on Kickstarter and is already making waves.

The Kickstarter campaign started strong, quickly surpassing its initial goal of $14,000. Currently, the campaign has reached $21,682, backed by 167 adventure-hungry supporters with 37 days left until its conclusion on June 25.

Amboria, an original fantasy setting two decades in the making, introduces players to a rich world brimming with adventure, danger, and mystery. At the heart of the story is the kingdom of the Ambori, the people of Sky, Forest, and Water, whose heritage traces back to the legendary lords of Starland. But the kingdom has fallen on hard times; the Living Sword, the symbol of the rightful ruler, is lost, and a usurper reigns, casting the land into chaos.

Players will take on the role of Adventurers, brave souls who dare to face the threats looming over the kingdom. Whether uncovering ancient treasures, fighting monstrous horrors, or caught in the crossfire of political machinations, the choices players make will significantly impact the world around them.

Magic in Amboria is wondrous, unpredictable, and dangerous, reflecting the setting’s mystery and depth. Unpredictable events and magical encounters abound, creating a sense of enchantment and intrigue that fuels the narrative.

Amboria uses the renowned Clash system, first published in the acclaimed Jackals! Bronze Age Fantasy Roleplaying. Known for its fast, deadly combat, the Clash system has been tailored for Amboria to fully integrate the intricate lore and setting of the World Under Starlight.

In Amboria, the heart of the game lies in ‘Culture Creation’, with long-term campaigns taking place over multiple in-game seasons and years. Players will have the opportunity to invest in their community, create works of art, and shape the fate of their surroundings.

In Amboria, you might play as a banished Knight of the Red Fang, a Priestess of the Sacred Well, a treasure-seeking Deep Man, a cursed Star-singer, or a Treasure-hunter on a sacred quest, among others. No matter the path, all players are challenged to rise above mere adventuring and engage in creating a better world, whether that means nurturing communities or falling prey to the lure of power.


Join the journey and help shape the future of Amboria. With over a month left to back the project, there’s still time to take part in this grand tale. Dive into the world under starlight and begin your adventure.