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The Lazy DM’s Forge of Foes Kickstarter Surpasses Goal with Dynamic Monster-Building Book

The Lazy DM’s Forge of Foes Kickstarter Surpasses Goal with Dynamic Monster-Building Book

Mike Shea of, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his new book, The Lazy DM’s Forge of Foes. The book has already surpassed its $30,000 goal and has reached almost $90,000 in pledges with 29 days still left to go.

Forge of Foes is a 128-page hardcover book and PDF designed to help Dungeon Masters build, customize, and run monsters for their 5e fantasy roleplaying games. The book is aimed at those who want to create and run awesome monsters in their games with ease.

The Forge of Foes provides DMs with the tools and guidance needed to build unique and dynamic monsters that players will love to fight. The book covers a wide range of material, from game mechanics to the philosophy of monster design and the art of reskinning monsters.

The book is the perfect monster book that DMs didn’t know they needed, according to Kickstarter backers. The project is a partnership between three TTRPG industry veterans—Teos Abadía, Scott Fitzgerald Gray, and Mike Shea, whose combined D&D credits in design, development, and editing total hundreds of books and projects published by Wizards of the Coast, MCDM, Kobold Press, Ghostfire Gaming, Schwalb Entertainment, Penny Arcade, Dwarven Forge, and more.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Jack Kaiser, Allie Briggs, Nikki Dawes, Víctor Manuel Leza Moreno, Matt Morrow, and Jackie Musto. Every page of this 128-page book offers tips, guidance, instructions, and examples of ways to make your monsters and your creature-based combat encounters more dynamic.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Lazy DM’s Forge of Foes will run until March 31st, and those who pledge at certain levels can receive various rewards, including the hardcover book, the PDF, and exclusive artwork.