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“THE ART OF…” Miniature Art Book Volumes 7-9 Raises Over $48,000 on Kickstarter So Far

“THE ART OF…” Miniature Art Book Volumes 7-9 Raises Over $48,000 on Kickstarter So Far

Miniature painters and collectors are in for a treat as Dave Taylor’s latest Kickstarter campaign for volumes 7-9 of “THE ART OF…” books has raised over $48,000 so far, surpassing the initial goal of $20,000 with 17 days left to go before the campaign ends on May 12.

“THE ART OF…” series features miniatures artists from around the world, highlighting their philosophies, approaches, and processes in their unique and inspirational work. The series is a celebration of both the artist and their art, allowing them to present their thoughts on particular topics and showcase their existing outlets and work.

The upcoming volumes 7-9 of “THE ART OF…” series will feature three amazing miniatures artists from around the world, including Erik Swinson from the US, Bjarni Dali from the Faroe Islands, and Katarzyna Górska from Poland.

Erik Swinson is renowned for his precision, speed, and unique style that sets him apart as one of the world’s premier miniatures artists. His volume will focus on light and volume, color choice, and collaboration.

Bjarni Dali’s skills in weathering and detailing are admired by many. He will share his expertise on planning out terrain, working on weathering, and creating a moment in time in his volume.

Katarzyna Górska’s personal style, which is recognized worldwide, combines light, volume, color, and texture to create unique miniatures and dioramas. Her volume will focus on textural painting, ethereal lighting, and sculptural basing.

For those who want to get a taste of what’s in store, a “Six Volume Sampler” PDF is available for download. The previous Kickstarter campaigns for volumes 1-3 and 4-6 were also successful, and this campaign is expected to continue the series’ success.

Miniatures enthusiasts and collectors who want to support the series and receive the upcoming volumes can do so on the Kickstarter campaign page until May 12.