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Me last night: "Woah... it's Thursday... right? *checks phone* Yeah, it's Thursday." Yeah, this week feels like it really flew by for me. As always, that's not a complaint. I'm always ready for a week
The final of the loyalist assassins to be previewed, the Clade Adamus is certainly not the least of them. The oldest of the orders, this stealthy skinsuit-wearer will be headed to your tabletops soon
Dungeons & Dragons Dice Shaped Sculpted Ceramic Mug
So, the Leagues of Votann might be brand-new on the tabletop, but they're already getting themselves a balance update. Seems that people took a look at the army's rules and went, "... seriously?" And
Well, in a game of rather disturbing individuals, that's a rather particular disturbing individual we've got here. It's White Eyes and you can get a look at his stats before he makes his ways to your
Kill Team and 40k exist in the same universe, with many models being taken from one to go in the other. With the release of several specifically Kill Team figures recently, there's been some of those
If you're looking for an alternate-history WWII game, Konflikt '47 is one of the first to come to mind for me. And for a while now, Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin Games have been working together
Mantic's working on releasing new Dungeon Adventures boxes, a whole night's worth of gaming in a single box. We get a look at what's inside these kits in this new unboxing video that they've posted.
A new month is almost upon us and with it, that means that Games Workshop has a new exclusive figure for their GW stores, as well as their new coins. Get a look at both in this preview.
Wednesday already? This week is going by quickly. Not a complaint, of course. I'm always ready for a weekend. To help the week continue going by quickly, we should get some energy from a few bite-size
With all the various minis and equipment, keeping everything balanced in a game can be rough. Thankfully, Games Workshop is regularly making sure that things play like they intended. Like here, they h
Black Powder: Epic Battles seems to have gone over well, with players getting all that Waterloo action played out on their tabletops. Well, soon, you'll be able to add various American Civil War battl
There's changes coming to HeroClix, specifically in the way that equipment works in the game. The designers over at WizKids have written up an article going over some of these general changes, as well
The Amazon team is making its way to the Blood Bowl pitch with pre-orders going live this weekend. Get a look at what this team's capable of with a look at the stats for the different players in this
Going out into the woods, especially this time of year, can be lovely. Cool, crisp air, the changing leaves, the man-eating monstrosities... Ok, maybe those aren't so good and they aren't part of your
Mantic Games is looking to bring you a whole RPG adventure in a single box. They're calling it their Terrain Crate Dungeon Adventures and we're getting a look at the first two in this article. They've
We have Giant Robot Alert and Giant Dragon Alert. But we don't just have a general Giant Alert. But, if we did, it'd be going off now as Games Workshop is bringing a new Battletome to Age of Sigmar pl
Skeletons. How many have our various characters dispatched over the years? Countless, it seems, and there's countless more out there. And, in fact, WizKids is adding to the undead hordes with their up
Corvus Belli has the next season of their organized play going for Infinity. Head on through and check out everything, including new rules downloads and scenarios to check out.
Let's face it, the world we're in now has a whole ton different in it compared to 3 years ago. The whole gaming landscape has changed. That includes a lot of games that have gone over the horizon. But
It's a real grab-bag of new pre-releases next week in the Games Workshop webshop. The biggest is the new Blood Bowl team and several Star Players. Then, Warcry gets a new book. Warhammer Quest gets so
We just changed seasons, so it seems fitting to have a new Tzeentch release for Age of Sigmar. He is the lord of change, after all. You can get their new Battletome for Age of Sigmar now. There's also
It's almost hard to believe that the Batman Miniatures Game from Knight Models is 10 years old. *snifflesniffle* They grow up so fast! And though it's their birthday, it's you that's getting the prese
Before they became quite so virulent and corpulent, the Death Guard were still a bit different as an Adeptus Astartes chapter. They're getting a pair of new Praetors for The Horus Heresy that you can
The folks over at Seb Games have been working on a lot and they've got an update packed with tons of new stuff. They've got free downloads of rules, some previews of some new minis, and further info a
As the name suggests, there's more than one League in the Leagues of Votann. They're much like the different chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. More similar than different, but still with unique rules