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Modiphius Entertainment Announces Pre-Order for New ‘Fallout: Factions’ Miniatures Game

Modiphius Entertainment Announces Pre-Order for New ‘Fallout: Factions’ Miniatures Game

Modiphius Entertainment has opened pre-orders for its latest tabletop game, “Fallout: Factions,” a miniature skirmish game inspired by Bethesda’s acclaimed Fallout series. The game is designed to bring the post-apocalyptic universe of Fallout to life on the tabletop, blending tactical gameplay with the thematic depth of the video game series.

Starting today, enthusiasts can place their pre-orders for the “Battle for Nuka-World” two-player starter set through the official website, This starter set includes two sets of multi-part hard plastic miniatures, alongside all necessary rules, dice, and tokens, complemented by slot-together terrain pieces. Aimed at both newcomers to tabletop gaming and veteran players, the set provides an accessible entry point to the world of Fallout tabletop gaming.

In conjunction with the starter set, Modiphius has also released a free quickstart guide, “Welcome to Nuka-World,” available for download. This guide offers an introduction to the game’s mechanics, presenting a simplified rule set that accommodates a variety of play styles, from competitive leagues and tournaments to casual gameplay.

“Fallout: Factions” invites players to take control of one of three raider gangs from Fallout 4’s Nuka-World DLC: The Pack, the Operators, and the Disciples. The game emphasizes assembly, painting, and tactical deployment of miniatures in a bid for dominance within the game’s setting.

The development of “Fallout: Factions” has been led by James Hewitt, known for his previous work on notable titles such as Games Workshop’s Necromunda and Adeptus Titanicus. His experience has been instrumental in shaping “Fallout: Factions” into a game that is both easy to learn and filled with strategic depth. The game is designed for quick, engaging play sessions on a compact battlefield, with matches expected to last around 40 minutes.

Previous successes from Modiphius in the Fallout universe include “Fallout: Wasteland Warfare,” a game that offers a narrative-rich experience with various modes of play. While “Wasteland Warfare” focuses on player versus environment and cooperative play, “Fallout: Factions” shifts the focus towards player versus player combat, maintaining a narrative continuity that evolves with each match played.

The pre-order for the “Fallout: Factions – Battle for Nuka-World” two-player starter set is now active, alongside the availability of the “Welcome to Nuka-World” quickstart guide for those interested in exploring the game’s mechanics. As Modiphius Entertainment expands its portfolio within the Fallout universe, “Fallout: Factions” emerges as a new opportunity for fans and tabletop gamers to engage with the franchise in a dynamic and strategic format.