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Steamforged Games Celebrates a Decade of Tabletop Triumphs with a £10 Million Crowdfunding Milestone and Exciting 2024 Lineup

Steamforged Games Celebrates a Decade of Tabletop Triumphs with a £10 Million Crowdfunding Milestone and Exciting 2024 Lineup

Manchester’s own Steamforged Games has hit a significant milestone as it celebrates ten years of innovative gaming experiences. To kick off a promising 2024, the company premiered a special video that not only marks a decade of success but also outlines an ambitious roadmap for new projects and releases.

Founders Mat Hart and Rich Loxam took to YouTube to unveil what the future holds for Steamforged, including the highly anticipated Street Masters: Champion Edition Kickstarter, fresh expansions for Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, a direct order option for Guild Ball, a Kickstarter campaign for Euthia, and a tease of a new champion for Godtear.

The journey begins on February 21st with the launch of the Street Masters: Champion Edition Kickstarter. This comprehensive edition will include content from previous campaigns and introduce the Lament of the Blood Moon expansion, bringing new enemies, bosses, and fighters into the fray. In a nod to classic arcade beat ’em ups, Street Masters blends brawling, strategy, and deck-building for a rich and replayable gaming experience. Steamforged reassures backers of the original Blacklist Games Indiegogo campaign that they will receive their pledges as part of this Kickstarter, fulfilling a long-awaited promise.

Guild Ball enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the game is back on the virtual shelves. Steamforged is offering a free starter set in STL file format for home printing, aiming to introduce more gamers to their very first miniatures game.

For fans of Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, four new monsters are set to make their debut in February, accompanied by special pre-order bonuses like a limited edition holographic card pack and a double-sided neoprene arena mat.

Looking ahead to Spring, Euthia will return to Kickstarter with the Cruel Frost expansion, promising more details soon. Additionally, Godtear players can look forward to a new champion, lore updates, and a refreshed FAQ and Organised Play document in March.

2023 was a landmark year for Steamforged, with crowdfunding efforts topping £10 million, buoyed by the success of Resident Evil: The Board Game and Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, which together approached £800k in wholesale sales before selling out. Reprints for both games are on the 2024 agenda.

Steamforged’s success story is further enriched by partnerships with industry legends like Reiner Knizia and localization collaborations with Lucky Duck, alongside ongoing projects with major names like Bandai Namco, Capcom, Sony, Jagex, and Microsoft.

Reflecting on the journey, CEO Rich Loxam shared his astonishment and gratitude for the community’s support, stating, “When we first launched the business in 2014, out of a genuine passion for gaming, we could never have imagined what the next ten years would bring. Seeing over £10 million raised in 2023 alone is astonishing and a testament to the incredible tabletop gaming community that we’re very proud to be a part of.”

Steamforged Games celebra una década de triunfos – El Broder Games

Tuesday 6th of February 2024

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