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Mantic's loaded up their Mantic Direct service with a whole bunch of new releases for Deadzone and Firefight. Head on over and see what's now available. Quite a lot of factions got stuff, so there's a
Want to know what's up with Firefight, Mantic's sci-fi miniatures game? Well, they're here to help. They've posted up a free version of the rulebook, as is their tradition, so you can see just what's
Mantic's got some new pre-orders for you. If you're looking to get some greenskins for Deadzone or Firefight, you can head over and put your name down on the list to get some new Marauders as soon as
Firefight 2nd edition is just around the corner. And while we've gotten a look at all different aspects of the game, one thing that's also new is the 2-player starter set. In this preview, we get a lo
I've been hoping for something like this. First, Mantic had their faction overviews and article previews for the new edition of Firefight. Then, they started posting videos. Now, they've thrown it all
Mantic started off the previews for Firefight 2nd edition with a set of articles. But if you're more an auditory learner and haven't had your computer read off the articles for you, they've got some v
Mantic released a bunch of articles about the changes coming to Firefight for its 2nd edition. But if you're not one to get your information through reading, but would prefer and more video-centered a
Firefight is getting a new edition. Mantic wants to make sure you're ready for it. They've posted up articles about the new updates, but what if you're much more of a video learner? Well, you're in lu
Another faction preview for you as Mantic looks at all the factions in Firefight in preparation for the game's second edition. This time around, it's the Plague. But don't worry, you don't have to wea
Mantic is continuing their look at the factions in Firefight, prepping you for when the new edition hits shelves. This time around, things are getting a bit green as the Marauders are on display.
"What can my model see?" It's a pretty standard and thus, necessary question to answer in your minis games. Can't hit what you can't see, after all. In this preview of the upcoming Firefight 2nd editi
Mantic is working their way through the various factions in Firefight, giving us a look at how each will be changing with the upcoming 2nd edition of the game. This time around, it's the GCPS and thei
Well, we know about moving and shooting and such, but what about if your enemy's right up in your face? Probably wanna punch 'em. And that's what we have here with a preview of how close combat will w
With a name like Firefight, it's to be expected that the figures will be shooting at one-another. And that's the set of rules we get a look at in this preview of the new edition of the game from Manti
Mantic continues to make their way through all the factions in Firefight, giving you a look at how they're changing for the game's upcoming 2nd edition. In this preview, we take a look at the Enforcer
As Firefight 2nd edition gets closer to release, everyone wants to know how their armies will be changing. Mantic's been going through them, giving you some insight. This time around, it's the Veer-my
Mantic is going through the factions in Firefight and giving you a look at how they're changing with the update to 2nd edition. This time around, it's the Asterians' chance for a look. How are these f
It wouldn't be much of a tactical miniatures game if you couldn't move your figures around once you put them on the table. But you can. But how do you go about it in the new edition of Firefight? Well
The new edition of Firefight is on its way from Mantic Games. They've begun looking at the different factions, but now, they're going to start looking into the different game mechanics and how they're
Obviously, with the update to 2nd edition for Firefight, there's going to be changes coming to all the factions. Mantic's looking to go through them and give you a look-see on how your armies are chan
The new edition of Firefight brings more with it than just an updated set of rules. The line of minis is changing over to plastic as well. We get a look at the Marauders sprues with this preview.
When a new edition of a game comes out, everyone's got questions. What's changing? What's staying the same? When does it come out? Will there be new models? What's happening to my army? Mantic has gat
Mantic's sci-fi miniatures game, Firefight, is getting itself a new edition. It's hitting store shelves on April 19th, but you can already head over and get your name on the list to get these figures
2-player starters are an excellent way for you and a friend to get into a game right away. You've got two ready-to-go armies, rulebooks, dice... Just put 'em together and play. And with the new editio
We're a month away from a new edition of Firefight. Their sci-fi miniatures game is getting an update and we get a look at just what sort of changes that entails in this new preview.