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Mantic Announces Mazon Labs Coming to Firefight

Mantic Announces Mazon Labs Coming to Firefight

Big Pharma in the far-off future is even crazier than it is now. And if you’re looking to play them, you’ll soon be able to as Mazon Labs is making its way to Firefight, as per a new announcement from Mantic.

From the announcement:

If you are reading this, you are probably one of two kinds of people, those that know all about the from Mazon Labs Deadzone and are chomping at the bit to see them in Firefight, or you are a Firefight player with little knowledge of their existence. So let’s address the latter first.

On the surface, the Mazon Labs are one of the biggest pharmaceutical corporations within the GCPS. Its glossy High definition advertisements regularly play out over Overdrive rushes, half time shows and billboards. They show happy scientists busy working in glistening, clean laboratories. The company’s slogan ‘For a better galaxy’ heralds its much talked about quest to stamp out disease using new antibiotics based on the spores, fungi and alien lifeforms the GCPS discovers in its quest to reach further into space.

However, dig a little deeper beyond the clinical surface of Mazon Labs and you’ll quickly find something far darker. Its facilities are guarded by some of the GCPS’ deadliest Rangers and it’s not uncommon to see a Strider or two patrolling the boundaries of these laboratories. It’s not clear if the Rangers and Striders are there to keep intruders out, or to keep something else in…