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Corvus Belli Looks Inside the Military Orders for Infinity

Corvus Belli Looks Inside the Military Orders for Infinity

Corvus Belli has just started taking pre-orders for their new Military Orders for Infinity. These armed segments of the church have been in development for a bit. In this article, Corvus Belli gives us a look into how they came about and the issues trying to get them to your tabletops.

From the article:

Military Orders are the armed branch of the Church, an army of the old days, equipped with the best technology. Created by the NeoVatican to support the Panoceanic army. They are devoted professional soldiers and some religious knights who are the spearhead of this unstoppable force.

Holstered in their high-tech armor, covered in robes, and with the emblem of the cross constantly visible – the knights of the Military Orders have always been one of the great icons of both PanOceania and the Infinity Universe. These religious knights, as Joan of Arc would refer to them, had a visual potential that could not be wasted and that deserved its own Sectorial Army. This army, given the particular character of its troops and its own background, would be understood eminently as an assault force rather than as a multipurpose force with a very characteristic and determined style of play, differing from the usual style of PanOceania.

The arrival of N4 gave us the opportunity to review the composition and the miniatures of this army. An opportunity that was twofold, since N4 is not only a change in rules but also in the background – with a three-year flash forward into the Infinity timeline. We could use this chance to reflect on how various events in the Infinity Universe had left their mark on the Military Orders.

We established a series of big changes that affected various profiles and that allowed us to renew some existing miniatures. At the same time, it allowed us to add new miniatures and profiles. The level of change was high enough to think about a brand-new Military Order Action Pack, complementary to the 300-point Military Order Pack we already had in our catalog.