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Podcast Radio

It’s… Tuesday… Yes… Tuesday… Right? Sorry. My mind is beyond in a fog. Business is at the extreme. Oh… and a tree fell over and hit my building over the weekend. Thankfully, not my apartment specifically… but the one just above it. That was… interesting. But yeah, as I swim neck-deep through all this work, I’m gonna listen to some gaming podcasts to help. I hope they help you get through the work week as well. This week on the dial we have:

Polyhedron Collider Episode 131: UK Games Expo 2023

The dust has settled on UK Games Expo for another year but that won’t stop us talking about all the awesome people, board games, card games, RPGS and miniatures games we got to see at the show.

The D6 Generation Pip 161: BaltiCon 2023 thoughts & Part 2: Author Interviews

Craig shares his thoughts and observations from BaltiCon 2023 and dives into part 2 of his author interviews.

The Secret Cabal Episode 274: The Witcher Old World and The Cabalists Court

Good morning and happy Wednesday Cabalists, it’s that time again for some irreverent nonsense with The Founders! Today the gang talks about the new Discord channel and runs through some of the games they’ve been playing including Hegemony: Lead your Class to Victory, Takenoko, Mindbug: Beyond, Now or Never, Agricola 15 and feature The Witcher Old World. Then Tony T gives us the best damned official tabletop gaming news you’ll ever hear. And finally Judge Topper is back, and court is in session with The Cabalist’s Court.