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Paizo Reveals New Apex Items for Pathfinder Second Edition in Upcoming GM Core Release

Paizo Reveals New Apex Items for Pathfinder Second Edition in Upcoming GM Core Release

Paizo teased the community with a glimpse of two new apex magic items set to debut in the GM Core release for Pathfinder Second Edition. The GM Core, a comprehensive guide for Game Masters, is expected to hit shelves this November, and anticipation is already brewing among fans.

Following the recent introduction of the diabolic dragon and the mirage dragon from the Monster Core release planned for early next year, Paizo is switching gears. The latest blog post highlights the Bracers of Strength and the Cloak of Swiftness—two highly potent items aimed at amplifying characters’ capabilities.

The Bracers of Strength, with a bear paw and claw-like details etched onto silver, grant a +3 item bonus to Athletics checks and a +2 circumstance bonus for lifting heavy objects, Escape, and Force Open actions. The true power of the bracers is unlocked upon investment, either enhancing the wearer’s Strength modifier by 1 or raising it to +4, depending on which would result in a higher score.

Furthermore, wearers can activate the Bracers’ unique feature—Bear Hug. This allows the character to grapple and crush an opponent, inflicting bludgeoning damage equal to the wearer’s Strength modifier. With a critical success, the damage doubles, and the victim starts to suffocate as long as they remain restrained.

The Cloak of Swiftness is a second game-changing item previewed. This surprisingly lightweight and translucent cloak provides a +3 item bonus to Acrobatics checks. Like the Bracers of Strength, investing in the Cloak of Swiftness boosts the wearer’s Dexterity modifier, either by 1 or up to +4.

The Cloak also carries a unique ability known as Ride the Wind. Once activated, the wearer can fly at a speed of 30 feet for one hour, and the character becomes concealed due to the cloak’s translucency.

Priced at 15,000 gold pieces each, these apex items symbolize a new pinnacle of power for Pathfinder Second Edition characters. They are part of an exciting line-up of additions and enhancements coming with the GM Core release.

Paizo promises even more enticing previews in the coming weeks, with the Player Core’s new elements being the next highlight. The anticipation for the GM Core release grows as fans eagerly await to incorporate these new apex items into their gaming sessions. As Pathfinder continues to innovate and expand its universe, players can look forward to endless adventures on their tabletops.


Ovis Militaris

Monday 22nd of May 2023

Don't get me wrong, Apex Items are awesome, but I think I can count how many campaigns I've personally been in that went that far on one hand. More interested in items level 6 to 12 to be honest. Beyond that is just wistful theorycrafting as far as I'm concerned.