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Paizo Relaunching RPG Superstar Contest

Paizo Relaunching RPG Superstar Contest

Paizo is welcoming Roll For Combat into their licensed partner family. The channel makes podcasts of different Paizo games and now they’re going to be running the RPG Superstar Contest. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a superstar? I want to be one. So you know I’m putting my name in the hat. You should too.

From the post:

We welcome Roll For Combat into our fold of licensed partners! Roll For Combat will continue to create Pathfinder, Pathfinder Society, Starfinder, and Starfinder Society actual play podcasts, as well as manage the recently relaunched RPG Superstar contest.

“We love playing in the systems and worlds that Paizo develops, and being able to contribute to even a small part of the Pathfinder and Starfinder universe is a dream come true,” said Stephen Glicker, owner of Roll For Combat and host for the RPG Superstar contest.

“We were also huge fans of the original Paizo RPG Superstar contest, and having the opportunity to not only bring it back but to grow and enhance the contest is an exciting project that we hope to do every year going forward.”

Roll For Combat creates the actual play podcasts Three Ring Adventure, a play-through of the Pathfinder Extinction Curse Adventure Path; Tales From The Black Lodge, an episodic podcast featuring the Pathfinder Society game system and rotating guests and players; The Fall of Plaguestone Podcast, a play-through of the Pathfinder Adventure; and The Dead Suns Adventure, a play-through of the Starfinder Adventure Path.

In addition, Roll For Combat just relaunched the RPG Superstar Contest! The contest is now live, with over 100 prizes, dozens of winners, and lots of other surprises! Contestants will be challenged to make their very best Pathfinder 2nd Edition monster, with a special end-destination planned for the very best entries of the content!

Roll for Combat brings great podcasts and articles to the Starfinder and Pathfinder communities, and their love of gaming shines through everything they produce. We’re excited to see what they bring to life under the RPG Superstar contest!” said Jim Butler, Paizo VP of Marketing and Licensing.

The Roll For Combat Patreon page allows subscribers to access episodes early, view live recordings of all of their shows, and much more!

Learn more and find links to the Roll For Combat podcasts, blogs, reviews, events, store, and more at Roll For Combat also hosts one of the largest and active online Society lodges at and recently relaunched the RPG Superstar contest at