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Paizo Posts Pathfinder Battles: Champions of Balance Preview

Paizo Posts Pathfinder Battles: Champions of Balance Preview

I’m a big fan of having the right mini out on the table when fighting in an RPG. That can sometimes be tough, if you don’t quite have the mini you need, or maybe too many minis of the same exact type and you can’t tell them apart. Thankfully, WizKids and Paizo are coming out with a new Pathfinder Battles set, the Ruins of Lastwall, that will help with that. Check out the new preview Paizo posted.

From the website:

So far in our look into the forthcoming Ruins of Lastwall set of prepainted plastic miniatures from our partners at WizKids, we’ve seen the agents of undeath working to tighten the Whispering Tyrant’s grasp on the Inner Sea region and the noble defenders of Lastwall who dedicate their lives to keeping the lich and his forces at bay. Today we look at the forces of balance caught in the middle of the conflict between good and evil.

Just as angels and daemons are the embodiment of good and evil, respectively, so too are psychopomps the extraplanar manifestation of neutrality. Working out of the Boneyard, these macabre outsiders work to maintain balance in the universe, specifically around the journey of souls through life, death, and the Great Beyond.