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Paizo Announces Pathfinder Nexus

Paizo Announces Pathfinder Nexus

For GMs in Pathfinder, there’s a ton to keep track of. Adventure notes, maps, monster stats, NPCs, magic items… and that’s just the start. Keeping it all together and sorted can be rough. But Paizo is here to help with Pathfinder Nexus.

From the announcement:

We’re pleased to announce Paizo’s new partnership with Demiplane to create Pathfinder Nexus, the official digital toolset for Pathfinder Second Edition! Pathfinder Nexus aims to make every part of playing game sessions better, starting with sought-after tools like a game compendium, digital reader, character builder, and interactive digital character sheet, as well as a playspace with video chat that seamlessly integrates all the other tools. Demiplane has an extensive roadmap for Pathfinder Nexus, with new features to enhance play planned for years to come.