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Tuesday. The work week is well underway. As usual, I'm hoping for a quick one. My amount of D&D has upped considerably with a new game that plays most weekends, along with my other game that still
Well, the first one went well. Why not have another? Cryptozoic has announced Cryptozoic Con II: Crypt Harder. *gets a note* I'm being told that "Crypt Harder" is not actually a part of the official t
Paizo and WizKids have another set of Pathfinder Battles minis coming out soon. It's the City of Lost Omens set and it gives players and GMs a lot of new options for figures to use on their tabletops.
Since we're not supposed to go out, many of us have been at home playing a lot of board games. But what if you're getting to the end f your collection and looking for something new? Well, Days of Wond
House Baratheon is divided among itself for who should be the next Baratheon on the Iron Throne. Some say Renly. Others say Stannis. In the Baratheon Heroes #1 box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabl
2 days into June and it's already been a hell of a month. It can be difficult to think of anything to look forward to, but if you're an Infinity player, Corvus Belli has some hope on the horizon. They
Filled with rage and anger? Want to swing giant spiked balls on chains around? Got a kick-ass mohawk? Then you might just be a hobgoblin berserker. If you want to add a new figure to your Avatars of W
Last week, PaizoCon Online was going on. As would be expected for a convention, there were plenty of previews and sneak-peeks into what was coming up, especially for Pathfinder. Weren't able to make i
Continuing with their pledge to give you a new Zombicide scenario every week, CMON has a new Invader scenario up on their website. The anti-matter generators are broken and making a lot of noise. Repa
I mean, sure, you could walk your way into battle, but where's the fun in that? Better to ride in style. And that's what the Executioner does in their Executioner's Chariot for the Dark Souls board ga