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Mediterranean Monsters & Mythology for DnD 5E is Now On Kickstarter

Mediterranean Monsters & Mythology for DnD 5E is Now On Kickstarter

Legendary Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest project, “Mediterranean Monsters & Mythology for DnD 5E”, which has already gathered a staggering US$ 20,957 from 427 backers, far surpassing their initial goal of US$ 5,000, and there are still 29 days to go before it ends on July 28. The project brings together over 150 extraordinary creatures from various Mediterranean cultures, all ready to make your Dungeons and Dragons campaign even more exciting.

“Mediterranean Monsters” offers a colossal 140+ page bestiary featuring more than 120 incredible creatures drawn from the myths and legends of countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, Malta, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. Crafted by a diverse team of authors, artists, and cultural consultants, this project delivers beautifully illustrated adversaries and allies to take your DnD 5E campaign to a whole new level. The final book is expected to contain 150 creatures as more amazing monsters are added with each reached stretch goal.

The array of creatures in this book is diverse, from the minor menaces like the greedy gatto mammone and clever ozaena to the wind and sky suzerains, like the venerable nuberu and the wise omok tannou. Undead creatures, like the mischievous munaciello and beastly vrykolakas, also roam these pages, together with the sinister fiends like the furious alecto and sly h’awouahoua.

If you think you’ve seen it all, think again. “Mediterranean Monsters” features a vast range of new variants of known creatures like basilisks, sphinxes, centaurs, cyclops, pegasus, gorgons, harpies, hydras, medusas, and titans. Greek mythology has always been a rich source of RPG monsters, but with this new collection, expect a myriad of new options and legendary figures to challenge your heroes.

Beyond Mediterranean monsters, the campaign also offers a complete collection of the Legendary Beasts line, which includes OVER 1,100 MONSTERS from Asia to Latin America and beyond.

Complementing these remarkable monsters is the “Mother of Monsters Adventure Path for 5E”. This presents a heroic saga for player characters, including the 108-page “Stone Mother’s Assault” introductory adventure and its sequel “False Prophecies”. The adventures are set in a detailed island kingdom, introducing new NPCs, magic items, monsters, and stunning maps.

The “Mediterranean Monsters & Mythology for DnD 5E” Kickstarter campaign is not only about monsters. It also includes the GM’s Guide and Player’s Guide for the Kagari Islands campaign, containing a wealth of bonus material to enrich the campaign for your group, including player options, races, classes, equipment, and more.