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Japanime Tactics: Granblue Fantasy on the Horizon – Pre-order Available Now

Japanime Tactics: Granblue Fantasy on the Horizon – Pre-order Available Now

Japanime Games is thrilled to announce the pre-order availability of its newest skirmish wargame, Japanime Tactics: Granblue Fantasy, expected to release in September 2023.

A competitive wargame that encourages players to utilize characters from their beloved franchises, Japanime Tactics has ignited excitement among fans. The Granblue Fantasy starter set marks the initial launch of the series, inviting players to assemble teams of their favorite characters, such as Gran and Djeeta, for immersive gameplay.

Each character is brought to life through acrylic standee characters and a deck of unique ability cards. Battles unfold on a modular board composed of interlocking map tiles, providing varied and strategic gameplay.

Notably, the Granblue Fantasy starter sets represent just the start of this journey. Japanime Games has confirmed future releases will incorporate more Intellectual Properties, allowing players to pitch characters from different franchises against each other in thrilling clashes.

As part of its pre-order announcement, Japanime Games is offering a special bundle deal. This bundle not only includes the base games – Gran Starter Set and Djeeta Starter Set – but also features a box of Expansion Packs (Volume 1 Expansion Box) and four Promo Character Packs, namely Katalina, The Lowain Bros, Meteon, and Blazing Teacher Elmott. Each Expansion Box comes packed with every character in the expansion, offering a wealth of gameplay possibilities.

Pre-orders for Japanime Tactics: Granblue Fantasy are set to ship immediately upon arrival in the warehouse, providing eager fans the opportunity to dive into the action before it even hits the stores.

Japanime Games invites both long-time followers and newcomers to pre-order today and be among the first to experience the thrilling world of Japanime Tactics.