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Ancient World Multi-Game Tiles Up On Kickstarter Now

Ancient World Multi-Game Tiles Up On Kickstarter Now

Long-time readers might remember that I’m a huge fan of abstract puzzle games. Well, the Ancient World Multi-Game Tiles are just that. But, as you can tell from the name, it’s not just a single game, but several, all wrapped up in one gaming set. You can check out the system up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Ancient World Multi Game System offers a wide variety of mini games, using varying sets of tiles to play. The system brings together elements of contrasting qualities: where brain power duels with emotional intelligence, creative game design blends with the flow of the story, and stories of the ancient world inspire players’ imagination. 

Social Abstract Strategy Games

Social abstract games combine the simplicity and elegance of traditional abstract strategy games with the joy and enlightenment of social interaction. These games not only offer mental challenges, but encourage interpersonal growth, enabling interaction with cooperation, collusion, negotiation, and social maneuvering.  

The Multi Game System 

This is much more than a collection of games. The tiles are intentionally designed with these goals in mind:

  • Use color, shape and imagery to bring players into the story. For versatility, the graphics are minimum but meaningful, inviting players to tap into their imagination, conjured up by the story of the game. 
  • Connect to the game mechanics – tiles with arrows and numbers are particularly helpful in cuing the players on their use. 
  • Maximize their utility for multiple games. Some symbols may have meaning for one game, but not another, while some symbols have similar use for multiple games. 
  • Design your own game! Using the framework provided by the system to quickly mock up and test your own designs.

The Ancient World

Abstract game designers showcase their talents in creating games with innovative mechanics, but without a story, these games often fall flat, feeling like a cold blend of mathematical and spatial challenges. To to make them come alive for modern players, we turned to the people in the Ancient World, finding inspiration in their stories, from basic survival to epic adventures, from seeking knowledge to building and creating wealth. Even in the shadow of heroic battles, there are tales of refugees fleeing to safety. Many of these ancient stories are still relevant to our time. Once we find a story that best matches the game, we fine tune the game design to maximize elements of the story in the game. 

The Kickstarter is up and running now and is set to go for another 18 days.