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CMON Releases Arcadia Quest Solo Mode

CMON Releases Arcadia Quest Solo Mode

Many of you out there are at home these days. If you’re super-lucky, you’ve got other gamers you’re living with so you can get some games in while the world does its thing outside. If you’re like me, you don’t have anyone else around. As such, even a 2-player game is 1 player too many. Thankfully, there are solo games out there, and a new one was just released. CMON has released a solo version of Arcadia Quest. Who needs other people, anyway?

From the post:

Developing a solo mode for Arcadia Quest is something that has been on our minds for many years. Now with the current pandemic and lockdown, we understand solo plays are crucial! We are committed to bring you as much entertainment as we can to help fill the gap since a lot of board game groups are now unable to meet up.

However! The lockdown state also proposes challenges for us, as it gets hard to playtest the games as much as we normally do. So… that’s where you, dear Arcadians, come in!