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Games Workshop Unveils Warcry: Crypt of Blood Starter Set

Games Workshop Unveils Warcry: Crypt of Blood Starter Set

Games Workshop has revealed the latest addition to its Age of Sigmar skirmish game series, Warcry, in a new starter set titled Warcry: Crypt of Blood. This fast-paced, bloodthirsty combat game showcases an epic clash between the blazing golden armoured Stormcast Eternals of Xandire’s Truthseekers and the menacing vampiric nobles of the Crimson Court.

Warcry is renowned for its streamlined rules and intense gameplay, making it an ideal entry point for newcomers to the Mortal Realms universe. The Warcry: Crypt of Blood is designed to further simplify the initial gaming experience with its small-scale setup, making it perfect for new players. The set includes two smaller than usual warbands, serving as an excellent platform to introduce the game’s fundamental rules.

The Crypt of Blood lore dives deep into Noctis, a crypt nestled in Shysih, and reputedly the final resting place of a legendary vampire. Sigmar tasks Xandire with recovering the precious relics from this crypt to prevent them from falling into Nagash’s possession. In response, the Crimson Court is ordered to exterminate these intruders. This atmospheric battlefield comes alive with a double-sided 30” x 22” cardboard gaming board and six pieces of terrain that recreate the eerie crypt of Noctis.

Included in the set is a comprehensive 72-page Crypt of Blood book, which provides the complete core rules for Warcry, as well as the lore for both warbands, seven exclusive battleplans, and advice on progressing further into the savage world of Warcry. The package also features fighter and ability cards for both warbands, 18 dice, and a Warcry token board with a range ruler and 63 tokens to track wounds and activations.

Fans eager to explore more can easily expand into the broader game, as every faction’s compendium of fighter cards is available for free download. As Warcry continues its ferocious adventure into Gnarlwood, fans can look forward to the newly revealed warband of monster-hunting Kruleboyz.