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Games Workshop Previews Store Anniversary Merch

Games Workshop Previews Store Anniversary Merch

An anniversary is something worth celebrating. I mean, we just celebrated the New Year with a whole bunch of parties. Why can’t we do that for smaller things as well? Well, GW does and they’re showing off the Store Anniversary Merch that you can get.

From the article:

Every year we commemorate the anniversaries of each local Warhammer store with a round of celebratory swag – including two exclusive miniatures, one from the 41st Millennium and one from the Mortal Realms.

This year, both new models are decidedly stout, obdurate, and bearded. It’s time to meet Yôht Grendok, a proud Kâhl of the Leagues of Votann, and the Kharadron Overlords Admiral of the First Fleet, Torrk Lennsen.