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Massive Darkness Miniatures Gallery

One of the perks of being here in the CMON offices is that I sometimes get a chance to get a closer look at some of the projects they're working on. People got a first look at Massive Darkness during the CMON Expo last weekend. I was able to snap a few photos during the convention, but I had to grab them quick and in-between other people wanting to get a peek. Well, this morning I grabbed the prototype box and went to town.

And there you have it. Front and back shots of all the minis that were in the box (I didn't have any names to go on for what each thing was, so I figured, rather than mislabel anything, I'd just stick with the "img_" names). Note: These are, of course, not the production-plastic versions of the figures. This was from the prototype that they had at the Expo. So things might change between now and release. But really, with how the figures usually end up looking for the minis in CMON/Guillotine Games products, what we see here is probably what we'll be getting in the final version.