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Infinity: New Releases Unveiled for May

Infinity: New Releases Unveiled for May

Infinity has announced a host of new releases available from May 31st at the Infinity online store and at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS). The releases include a new selection of intricately detailed miniatures and a range of new accessories designed to enhance your gameplay experience.

Húláng Shocktroopers (Submachine Gun)

Ideal for Yu Jing and Invincible Army armies, the Húláng Shocktroopers miniatures are reminiscent of warriors from ancient times. They specialize in hand-to-hand combat and can strike down their enemies with lethal efficiency. This set includes one Húláng with a submachine gun and two CrazyKoalas, making it a formidable addition to your army.

Meteor Zond (Boarding Shotgun)

The ‘Zond,’ a Russian term for Unidentified Flying Objects, perfectly encapsulates the lightning-fast Meteor Zonds designed for the Nomad Military Force. These units are equipped for rapid aerial descent and combat jumps, ensuring they can strike from above with minimal warning.

Daturazi Witch Soldiers

The Daturazi Witch Soldiers, perfect for the Combined Army and Morat Aggression Forces, began as an elite military caste, the first Morat military group to be fully outfitted with field comlogs. This box set includes four unique Daturazi miniatures, each equipped with different weaponry, forming a fearsome fireteam.

ALEPH Booster Pack Beta and Haqqislam Booster Pack Beta

The ALEPH Booster Pack Beta introduces three new miniatures to the ALEPH armies: Machaon, Myrmidon Doctor-Officer with Combi Rifle; Acmon with Combi Rifle, and Makhai with Missile Launcher. Likewise, the Haqqislam Booster Pack Beta includes three miniatures for Haqqislam: Asawira with Spitfire, Hortlak Janissary with Submachine Gun, and Al Fasid with Heavy Rocket Launcher.

Gamma Series Scenery Bases

The new releases also bring to you the Gamma Series Scenery Bases available in 25mm, 40mm, and 55mm sizes. Each pack contains several unpainted injected thermoplastic bases, designed exclusively for Infinity miniatures and marked with Line of Fire markings to boost the playability of your models.