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Chaosium Expands Miskatonic Repository to Roll20 Virtual Tabletop

Chaosium Expands Miskatonic Repository to Roll20 Virtual Tabletop

Miskatonic Repository, the platform for independent creators of the globally popular Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game, is now accessible on the Roll20 virtual tabletop, announced Chaosium, the game’s creators.

The Miskatonic Repository, established in 2018 in collaboration with DriveThruRPG, is home to a flourishing community of creators from around the globe, producing a diverse range of Call of Cthulhu titles. Since its launch, the repository has become the fastest-growing Community Content program on DriveThruRPG.

Roll20 and Chaosium have joined forces to bring Miskatonic Repository content to the popular virtual tabletop platform. This integration will offer additional value for online play, enabling creators to build Roll20 content through modules and add-ons that unlock when players purchase the corresponding Miskatonic Repository adventure content.

With this feature, Roll20 users will have instant access to maps, tokens, handouts, and other game elements, providing a fully prepared gaming experience and saving countless hours of setup work.

Roll20’s digital suite of tools simplifies the gaming process for players. Character sheet automation, click-to-roll actions, and integrated video and voice communication streamline the storytelling process, letting players focus on creating and sharing their collective experience. GMs benefit from pre-made adventures and fully integrated bestiaries, along with advanced features like Dynamic Lighting and fog of war, enhancing the gameplay with elements of suspense and surprise.

Chaosium Vice President, Michael O’Brien, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We’re excited to see Call of Cthulhu community content officially coming to the Roll20 virtual tabletop. This partnership offers our Miskatonic Repository Creators exciting new opportunities to develop material specifically for online play and to reach audiences playing Call of Cthulhu all over the world.”

Miskatonic creators now have the green light to start creating Roll20 titles, with ample support documents and the option to reach out to DriveThruRPG for any queries. Further details for Miskatonic Creators will be released soon.