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Escape to Japan from Home with AEG’s “Let’s Go!” Board Game on Kickstarter

Escape to Japan from Home with AEG’s “Let’s Go!” Board Game on Kickstarter

Alderac Entertainment Group’s new board game, “Let’s Go! To Japan”, has already achieved massive success on Kickstarter. Fully funded in just seven minutes, the game has raised over $200,000 from a $10,000 goal with 19 days left to go.

The game allows players to plan and experience their dream vacation to Japan by strategically placing activities on their week-long itinerary. With over 120 beautifully illustrated cards drawn by Japanese artists, players will visit must-see tourist attractions and encounter local flavors while bouncing between Tokyo and Kyoto.

Created by Josh Wood, who drew inspiration from his own experience of planning a trip to Japan with his girlfriend before the pandemic hit, the game offers a unique way to experience the beauty and culture of Japan.

The game consists of 13 rounds in which players draw Activity cards and place them on different days of their itinerary, followed by a final round in which they ultimately go on their planned trip, activating each of their cards in order along the way. The player who collects the most points by the end of their trip is the winner.

“Let’s Go! To Japan” offers a chance to experience Japan from the comfort of your own home. Play competitively or solo, and earn victory points by successfully navigating the cities, making the most out of your favorite activities, and fulfilling your personal goals.

The game’s success on Kickstarter is a testament to the appeal of the game’s concept and the beautiful artwork that captures the essence of Japan. With 19 days left to go on the campaign, there’s still plenty of time to back the project and experience your own dream vacation to Japan.