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Coriolis: The Great Dark Achieves Rapid Kickstarter Success – Funds in 7 Minutes

Coriolis: The Great Dark Achieves Rapid Kickstarter Success – Funds in 7 Minutes

Free League Publishing’s latest role-playing game, “Coriolis: The Great Dark,” has rapidly achieved its Kickstarter funding goal, surpassing the initial target of $23,959 by a significant margin. As of the latest update, the campaign has attracted $309,419 in pledges from 2,804 backers, with 23 days remaining until its conclusion on April 11.

“Coriolis: The Great Dark” is a science fiction RPG that encourages players to explore distant stars, ancient ruins, and confront the mysteries within the universe’s dangerous frontiers. The game’s quick funding within just 7 minutes of the campaign’s launch underscores the strong interest and support from the gaming community.

The Kickstarter campaign’s success is also driven by its array of stretch goals, which include enhancements such as a full-color map of the game’s setting, custom dice, a virtual tabletop content module, and an ambient soundtrack. These additional features aim to enrich the gaming experience for backers.

An early backer incentive includes a bonus art print of the game’s cover art for those who pledge towards physical rewards within the first 24 hours of the campaign. This offer, along with the game’s thematic inspirations from historical expeditions and exploration, contributes to the appeal of the Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign also highlights “The Flowers of Algorab,” a boxed campaign set that will be provided alongside the core game. Backers are set to receive PDF versions of the game ahead of the official release, offering early access to the content.

This edition of “Coriolis” updates and expands upon the original “Coriolis – The Third Horizon,” the first science fiction RPG by Free League. With updated rules and a new setting, the game aims to continue the legacy of its predecessor while offering new stories and adventures.