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Tome of Mystical Tattoos RPG Rupplement Up On Kickstarter

Tome of Mystical Tattoos RPG Rupplement Up On Kickstarter

I’ve got a couple tattoos. I really wish I had more. I’ve got plans, but just not had the time to get them done. But as cool as the designs I have in mind are, and no matter what artist I go to, they’ll still just be tattoos. If you’re looking to ink your RPG character, you might as well make those tattoos magical as well. That’s what you can find in the Tome of Mystical Tattoos, a new RPG supplement up on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Hi folks! It’s taken a while and a little bit of courage but I’ve decided to try and release a fully-illustrated compendium of all the magic tattoos I have created over my time DMing for my parties. Magic tattoos are special in that they allow you an extra level of character customization (look that much more badass) while simultaneously granting you unique and interesting abilities (be that much more badass)! Why not give it a shot, right? There will be more than 120+ illustrated, never-before-seen, and functional magic tattoos, with much more to come depending on the stretch goals we reach!

The tattoos will also all be tweaked to be more in line with the ones being introduced to us in recent 5e releases. All the tats you’ll find in this book will have some amazing flavor of their own, which will set them apart from the limited selection of existing magic tattoos and the large pool of magic items already out there!

The campaign’s something like 22x funded, but only has 9 days left to go.