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Free League Publishing Release “Book of Beasts” and “The Bloodmarch” for Forbidden Lands

Free League Publishing Release “Book of Beasts” and “The Bloodmarch” for Forbidden Lands

Free League Publishing announced today the release of two major expansions for their multi-award-winning RPG, Forbidden Lands. The game, acclaimed for its innovative blend of old-school gaming and modern mechanics, is set to thrill players with “Book of Beasts” and “The Bloodmarch.”

The “Book of Beasts” is a bestiary expansion that takes the genre to the next level by allowing players to fully engage with a collection of 28 new, detailed monsters. Each beast comes with its own random encounters, giving the Gamemaster a toolbox of mini-adventures.

Moreover, the book offers the opportunity to harvest resources from fallen beasts and gain insight into each monster’s strengths and weaknesses using the Lore skills of the players. Among the adversaries introduced are the Amphibian, the Basilisk, the Iron Dragon, the Twisted Ent, and more, ready to pose fresh challenges to adventurers. This bestiary is the brainchild of seasoned game writers Andreas Marklund and Swedish fantasy author Erik Granström, with illustrations by Henrik Rosenborg and graphic design by Niklas Brandt.

“The Bloodmarch,” the second expansion released today, plunges players into the uncharted territory west of Ravenland, a volcanic region known as The Bloodmarch. This dangerous land, home to battle-hardened horse riders and clandestine dwarves, is witnessing a rapid transformation due to the spread of demonic vegetation.

In the campaign “Legacy of Horn,” players are set on a quest to locate Horn’s Astra, a legendary set of artifacts desired by many. The items are rumored to have the power to either halt the demonic growth or ensure its victory. Players must decide whose side they are on, or choose to side with themselves, adding another layer of intrigue to the game.

“The Bloodmarch” and the “Legacy of Horn” are the creative products of acclaimed Swedish fantasy author Erik Granström, the lead setting writer for Forbidden Lands RPG and the designer of the game’s first campaign module, “Raven’s Purge.”

Both expansions are now available in print, PDF, and virtual tabletop formats in the Free League webshop and on DriveThruRPG. They will soon be available in hobby stores worldwide. The dual release of these expansions signifies another step forward in Free League Publishing’s mission to deliver unique and engaging RPG experiences.