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Collins Epic Wargames Partners with Strato Minis Studio To Create New Polyversal Battlegroups

Collins Epic Wargames Partners with Strato Minis Studio To Create New Polyversal Battlegroups

Collins Epic Wargames, known for the critically acclaimed Polyversal miniatures-agnostic game system, has announced a strategic partnership with Strato Minis Studio, a renowned Polish miniature manufacturing company. This collaboration is set to produce new Polyversal battlegroups, complete with Combatant Tiles, thereby expanding the game universe for players worldwide.

Strato Minis Studio, recognized for its exceptional 6mm miniatures and the popular Hardwar game, will bring its high-quality resin miniatures and unique design sensibilities to the Polyversal franchise. Collins Epic Wargames has already ordered and received 74 miniatures from Strato Minis’ extensive line, marking the commencement of the selection and design process.

Each new battlegroup, as well as any stretch goals, will feature artwork created by acclaimed artist James Masino. Design and balance for these additions will be overseen by Ken Whitehurst and Byron Collins. All of these components will be fully designed with completed artwork before the launch of a Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising funds for production.

The forthcoming battlegroups promise to enhance the gaming experience for existing Polyversal players while also serving as an attractive introduction to newcomers to the game. Polyversal, a 6-15mm sci-fi miniatures system designed by Ken Whitehurst and developed and published by Collins Epic Wargames, was recently nominated for a 2023 Origins Award for Best Miniatures Game.

Polyversal stands out for its compatibility with miniatures ranging from 6mm-15mm, allowing players to utilize miniatures they may already own. The game also features a robust Combatant Design Tool, a web-based application called Arsenal. This combination of flexible gameplay and versatile design options has made Polyversal a favorite among miniatures gaming enthusiasts.

Strato Minis Studio has consistently distinguished itself in the tabletop gaming industry with its dedication to creating high-quality tabletop resin miniatures. They handle the entire production process, from concept art and 3D modeling to prototype creation and the final production of resin miniatures, regardless of volume.