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Chaosium Releases Two New Expansions for 7th Sea RPG: “Land of 1000 Nations” and “Cities of Faith and Wonder”

Chaosium Releases Two New Expansions for 7th Sea RPG: “Land of 1000 Nations” and “Cities of Faith and Wonder”

Swashbucklers, Prepare for Adventure: Immerse Yourself in New Lands and Mythologies

Chaosium Inc., the company behind the renowned 7th Sea RPG, has just launched two new expansions in PDF format—Land of 1000 Nations and Cities of Faith and Wonder. Both releases promise to deepen the lore and expand the world of Théah, giving players more avenues for exploration, intrigue, and high-seas adventure.

Land of 1000 Nations: Journey to the Woven Land

In a hefty 144-page volume, Land of 1000 Nations takes players to The Woven Land, a distant continent rich in culture, magic, and diversity. This expansion offers a comprehensive look at the various peoples, beliefs, and social structures of this far-flung land. The book boasts an extensive collection of artwork by a diverse group of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color artists, providing a vibrant and inclusive representation of the Woven Land’s inhabitants.

For those looking to integrate characters from the Woven Land into their campaigns, the book provides new Backgrounds, Advantages, and Fighting Styles. Additionally, the book includes a suite of detailed non-player characters and story seeds to inspire new tales of high adventure.

Cities of Faith and Wonder: A Deep Dive into Theah’s Major Cities

With 216 pages of dense content, Cities of Faith and Wonder focuses on two of Théah’s major cities—Vaticine City and Iskandar. The expansion brings these cities to life with intricate details, uncovering hidden plots, vast conspiracies, and opportunities for adventure.

More than just a city guide, this expansion offers a robust city-building system, allowing players to create their own unique cities, townships, or metropolises from scratch. Whether aiming to add a personal flair to existing locations or to construct an expansive and interconnected hub for an entire story, Cities of Faith and Wonder provides the tools you’ll need.

For those who prefer physical copies, Chaosium offers a special deal: purchase the PDF now, and the cost will be deducted from the price of the physical book when it becomes available.