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GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge Up On Kickstarter

GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge Up On Kickstarter

Steve Jackson Games is always looking to get you more game for your buck. And they’re looking to bring you a ton of GURPS content all in one swift go. They’re running their 2021 PDF Challenge up on Kickstarter. Head over and have yourselves a look.

From the campaign:

After the success of the 2020 PDF challenge (see the Kickstarter campaign), the GURPS team, under the direction of GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch, assembled a dozen different new PDFs . . . and this is your chance to possibly grab all twelve of these new PDFs for only $3!

Starting with the latest expansion to the GURPS Action series (see Warehouse 23), your pledge of $3 secures you a PDF copy of GURPS Action 8 – Twists. This 10-page PDF, written by Sean Punch, aims to shake things up. It adds back in three of the things that Action filtered out of GURPS: jobs and social standing, the exotic and the supernatural, and wilderness adventures without fancy gadgets. And it does so with the attention to simplicity and streamlining that the core volumes brought to sneaking, shooting, and driving too fast.

NOTE: The new PDFs are only available as PDFs. There are no print editions of the new PDFs created for the 2021 PDF Challenge. Any project rewards that include physical items do not include print editions of these PDFs.

The campaign’s closing in on 10x funded with 10 days left to go.