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Announcing the Launch of Trans Atlantis Games

Announcing the Launch of Trans Atlantis Games

Industry Veteran Bob Watts is looking to bring more awesome things to your tabletop. He’s joined up with Steve Herbert and Peter Buxton to bring you Trans Atlantis Games. Expect new minis, terrain, and other such elements coming soon.

From the release:

Trans Atlantis Games is the latest enterprise from industry veteran Bob Watts, who brings nearly a half a century of experience and expertise in the Hobby Games industry to this new venture. 

 Trans Atlantis Games will be creating brand new and exciting product ranges. Trans Atlantis Games will also be forming strategic partnerships with other game & entertainment companies and creators, leaning towards the 3D element of the hobby, focusing on tabletop miniatures games & accessories, as well as RPG miniatures.

 Joining Bob at Trans Atlantis Games will be his colleague Steve Herbert, who will be overseeing all production, warehousing and shipping in the Liverpool UK facility, and Peter Buxton, a longtime associate of Bob and Steve’s, who will be managing the business in Europe. 

 Trans Atlantis Games’ initial strategic partnership is with Duncan Rhodes and Roger Yates from the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy. Duncan and Roger have been collaborating for many years, instructing hobbyists around the world to paint their models to a high standard via their popular videos, which can be found on YouTube and