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New Kill Team set and more available for pre-order from Games Workshop

New Kill Team set and more available for pre-order from Games Workshop

The final episode of this season of Kill Team is coming to pre-order, and it promises to be a thrilling conclusion. The new set, called “Gallowdark,” features the Leagues of Votann facing off against the Beastmen in a desperate rescue mission for stranded Ironkin. The set includes 20 miniatures, terrain, and a 120-page manual with rules and missions.

In addition to Kill Team, Games Workshop is also releasing several other pre-orders this week. The Adeptus Arbites’ Exaction Squad is a versatile kit that can build three types of squads, each with 10 officers and a Cyber-mastiff. The kit is designed for Kill Team, but the units can also be used in Warhammer 40,000 with the free Imperial Agents rules.

The Killzone Upgrade: Soulshackle set includes all the unique terrain from the previous Kill Team boxed set, designed for the rules and missions in the Kill Team: Soulshackle book. The set also includes terrain elements themed around central command points.

For Adeptus Titanicus players, there are four themed packs of Stratagem cards, each containing seven Stratagems unique to their chosen allegiance, nine Legio-specific cards, and 10 general cards usable by any side. There is also a pack of 50 Open Engine War cards, allowing players to randomly generate Deployment Maps and Primary and Secondary Objectives.

Blood Bowl players can look forward to the release of two new Star Players. Dribl and Drull are a pair of tricksy Skinks who can cause chaos on the astrogranite, while Withergrasp Doubledrool is a bestial Star Player with two heads, suitable for any Favoured of… team.

All of these products are available for pre-order now from the Games Workshop or Forge World webstores. So, whether you’re a fan of Kill Team, Adeptus Titanicus, or Blood Bowl, there’s something new to look forward to this week.