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DUO DiCE Takes Tabletop Gaming to the Next Level – On Indiegogo Now

DUO DiCE Takes Tabletop Gaming to the Next Level – On Indiegogo Now

DUO DiCE has launched on Indiegogo and it’s more than just your ordinary dice. This innovative new dice design is bringing a whole new level of excitement to tabletop gaming.

The DUO DiCE features a patent-pending “Color Numeric™” Rolling System that allows the inner and outer dice to interact with each other and provide a wider range of probability. This means that there are multiple ways to play and calculate dice results, making the games even more fun.

With the DUO DiCE, players can use it as regular dice or step up their game with the plus/minus function. The opportunities are endless, allowing players to create their own rules or apply new ways of playing their favorite board games.

The DUO DiCE is made from optical grade PMMA, which is a clear and scratch-resistant material. The outer die measures at 25mm, while the dual-colored inner die varies in size between 10-12mm depending on the polyhedral set.

The possibilities with the DUO DiCE are truly endless. The creators have even come up with their own house rules to turn classic games into a complete makeover. For example, players can move backwards with negative numbers or stay in place when zeroed out. These new rules can extend the game and keep everyone on their toes.

The DUO DiCE is also great for brain training exercises for young minds. Children can use the dice to calculate each roll for hands-on learning. The dice can also be used to accelerate games and maximize roll results.

RPG players will also love the DUO DiCE. The random spin of the inner die can be used as a traditional roll, or players can create new rules based on the plus/minus function. The creativity is truly endless.

In addition to using the DUO DiCE for existing games, players can also design their very own dice games. The “Color Numeric™” Rolling System allows for a new level of calculation and creativity that is only limited by the player’s imagination.

So far, the DUO DiCE has raised over $29,500 by 317 backers on Indiegogo.