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Year 2018

It's always good when companies listen to their customers. How better to find out what they want than to simply go, "what do you want?" and being receptive to the answers? Well, Forsaken Games has lis
It's not just older games that can sometimes use a freshening up. Relatively recent ones can, too. Take, for example, Kitten Casualty. It's still a young one, games-speaking, but they've got a Remaste
The week continues along. Just gotta make it to that sweet, sweet Saturday. That's when I'll be getting my D&D on. I'm hoping you've all got some gaming lined up as well. If you do, you'll want those
There's a lot of party card games out there. Most of them are for a bit more adult crowd. The King Of party card game, however, is safe to bring out with kids and grandparents present. A topic card is
As you long-time readers know, I love big minis (and I cannot lie), especially if they're robots or armored suits. Well, it seems a game has come along made just for me. It's called Immortal Kings, an
I just got in some new Guild Ball minis and I'm going to need to paint them up. Unfortunately, my painting skills are pretty much a joke. I really need to step up my game. Maybe Issue 49 of Figure Pai
A good military relies on accurate, appropriate, and quickly-issued orders. How can you take on the enemy with disarray as your military strategy? That's never going to work. In this preview of Starsh
An unspeakable evil is ready to descend upon the Earth. The only chance to avoid utter annihilation is in the hands of a few investigators. Those investigators are already going a bit mad from knowing
In most games, players are all pretty much doing the same thing. Sure, they might have different classes or abilities, but they're generally all working the same way. In Vast: The Mysterious Manor, th
Gamelyn Games is looking to expand the world of Heroes of Land, Air & Sea, and they've taken to Kickstarter to do it. Pestilence is said new expansion, and it brings in a new floating island to conque
The week continues to roll along. We're already halfway through, technically, as we make our way to the weekend again. I'm excited, since it's another D&D weekend coming up. There's still a lot of wor
Silentcandle Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Heroes of Estaria, their own fantasy RPG game world and system. It uses a D6 dice system and includes 40 classes, many diverse weapons and spel
All the fancy flying and pretty ships don't mean much if you aren't trying to blow your opponents out of the sky. X-Wing is getting a new edition, and many aspects of the game are being updated. But w
There's a lot of board games out there than many of us haven't tried, simply because they were here and gone before many of us got involved in the gaming hobby. Many of those are beloved titles that w
When filling up your day with gaming, a gaming magazine is a perfect way to go. And if you're looking to find a magazine about tabletop gaming, Tabletop Gaming Magazine is a good place to start (just
WizKids is looking to make your experience with Betrayal at House on the Hill even better than it is now. They are going to be bringing out an Upgrade Kit for the game this September. It contains new,
The Runewars previews just keep a-comin'. This time around, we get a look at the Spined Threshers. I mean, I certainly wouldn't mind some extra mouths. Though having such long tongues right near all t
I have to say, I love the look of the Predator. Always have. So when I see new designs for Predator minis coming out, I'm instantly interested. And that's certainly the case here. Prodos Games is taki
When you go into battle, sure, you can just carry along some boring, old sword, or you can carry some far-off exotic sword from a far-away land. You could have a staff, or you could have a staff made
It's back into the office for many of us today. Thankfully, it's a short week now until we get back to the weekend. A way to make things go faster is by listening to some gaming podcasts.This week on
A company that you've seen pop up on here for a long time is Fluo Craft. Their Color Wars universe is one I looked at back in a review many years ago. I loved the idea of two paint-based cultures, one
Adventurers don't start out fully-formed into their heroic beings. They're originally peasants or noble's kids or something not-as-dashing as even a Level 1 character. So, how did they start down that
A lot of power is dangerous, but a little can be just as dangerous, if you don't know how to use it. Well, you, as a wizard of medium power, shot off your mouth around some wizards of maximum power, a
The Germans, early in the war, had quite a lot of successes out on the field where they were able to grab enemy arms and armaments. Situations like Dunkirk and the fall of France meant that much of wh
Monsterpocalypse will be smashing its way back to tabletops this fall. Privateer Press has given us some insight into what we can expect, but they've got another little snippet to show off. In this pr