Plaid Hat Games Posts New Crystal Clans Previews

Plaid Hat Games has a lot to show off for Crystal Clans. They’ve got an in-depth look at the Puppy Clan… I mean Doggo Clan… I mean Puppers Clan… I mean Fang Clan. They’re also happy to announce another pair of clans for the game, the Fire and Light clans.
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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Legend of the Five Rings RPG Core Book

This is one that a lot of you have been anxiously awaiting, I’m sure. Fantasy Flight is showing off the core rulebook for the upcoming Legend of the Five Rings RPG. If you want to don your armor, grab your katana, and fight for the honor of your clan, this is your chance to do so.
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Paizo Previews The Barbarian Class For Pathfinder 2.0

There’s a lot of you out there, I know, that can name all the Core Classes from Pathfinder. They’ve been around for much longer than even that game, and have seen quite a lot of changes over the year. Well, new change is coming in the form of Pathfinder 2.0. And, of course, the Core Classes are getting a makeover. In this preview, we get a look at the Barbarian.
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Podcast Radio

Monday has come and gone. Tuesday is here for a while longer. The Work Week does its thing as we make our way back to the weekend, where I’ll be celebrating Free RPG Day by playing RPGs and streaming it for everyone to point and laugh at. 😛
But before I get to my streaming, it’s time to listen in on some gaming podcasts.

This week on the dial we’ve got: Guilds of the North Episode 6: East National Championship; Man Battlestations Podcast Episode 31; Exploding Dice Radio Episode 10; 40K Radio Episode 29; Breathing Flames Episode 3: Bias-Hazard; News of the North – 2018-06-12; Epic Gaming Night Episode 157: board game popularity; Drive Thru FM Episode 15: Boardgame Community (NSFW); Blight and Boon Episode 9: Grimshalla and Galana Mashup; Cardboard Herald Episode 83: Scott Almes is Rescued From Neverland; The Secret Cabal Episode 160: Big Trouble in Little China, Watson and Holmes and Our Favorite Gaming Memories; The Offline Gamer Episode 30: UKGE 2018!; Chance of Gaming Episode 108; and The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 43: The Great UK Game Expo Caper 2018.

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Fantasy Flight Previews X-Wing For X-Wing

Yeah, I know, that headline seems funky. That was half the fun of writing it. But the X-Wing is the title ship for the X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight. So, when a new edition of the game comes out, obviously there’s going to be anticipation about how one of the most iconic ships in all of Star Wars will change. Well, your wait to find out is over.
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Dog Might Games Pride Month Giveaway Happening Now

June is Pride Month. And we here at TGN certainly want to make everyone feel welcome into the gaming fold. Dog Might Games feels the same way, and is celebrating with a special raffle for pieces that have rainbow staining. You can buy tickets for your chance to win, with all proceeds going to The Trevor Project charity.
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New Releases Available For Arena Rex

Are you not entertained!?
I know I am by the miniatures that Red Republic Games releases for Arena Rex. A bit of editorializing: I think they’re some of the highest-quality figures out there. Their modelling is masterful. And they’ve got two new ones available for you. Cato and Ladon comprise the newest faction for the game. You can order them now.
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CMON Posts New Cthulhu: Death May Die Preview

It’s too late to keep the cultists from actually summoning some ancient evil into the world. The Investigators only have one chance to save the world. When that Great Old One shows up, they gotta shoot it in the face while they have a chance. That’s what’s happening in Cthulhu: Death May Die, the new game coming from CMON. In this preview, we get a look at the art and render for the Hunting Horror mini.
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Privateer Press Previews September Releases

We’re already 1/3 of the way through June, that means we’re close to halfway done with the year. Hard to think, right? Well, the autumn is coming, and with it will be a whole monster set of releases from Privateer Press. Yes, along with some Warmachine releases, September will bring the release of Monsterpocalypse back to gaming tables. In this preview, we get a look at some of what you can expect to hit store shelves that month.
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Wyrd Previews Hucksters For Malifaux

There are the people out there that can get things for you. You know the type. They’re the ones that always have just what you need. They’re the hucksters, and they’re coming to Malifaux. They’re featured today in Wyrd’s regular Monday Preview, making your Mondays just a little bit better.
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Carthage Board Game Now Available

Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam.
Although, in this case, it’s alright if Carthage sticks around. It basically just got here. It’s the new gladiator-fighting board game. It’s got fighting elements and positioning. It’s got deck-building aspects. It’s got a bit of everything. And you can pick up your copy now.
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Happy Games Factory Launches Arenabots Kickstarter

Happy Games Factory is looking to get more people involved in their Eden world, as well as expand the universe into more gaming facets. To get both those in one go, they’re running a Kickstarter campaign for Arenabots, their new board game. Think the show Battlebots, but in a post-apocalyptic future world.
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Y.F.T. Design Studio Launches

Y.F.T. Design Studio is a new company that has the feel of an old company. Why does it have that feel? Because it’s the new stage for the people from Nexus Miniatures. They’re open for business now, including all of Nexus Miniatures’ old lines (since Nexus is a part of Y.F.T. now), but have a lot of new things on the horizon as well.
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Monday Terrain Corner

It’s Monday. And, to be honest, it was a not-at-all-gaming-related weekend for me. Sometimes you gotta take a break, y’know? For me, that included hanging out at home and watching Lost in Vegas. I came across their YouTube channel early last week and have just been going through their back catalog. I love their Free Thinkers motto. Even things you aren’t used to, you should give it a shot. And if you don’t like something, you can still express your opinion in a way that doesn’t degrade or belittle those that do like it. And you can still see value in things that you might not like. Just awesome, all around. So, if you wanna check ’em out, that’s what I was doing when I wasn’t doing gaming. But gaming is what we’ve got here today, and that includes making your gaming table look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Heroic Maps Releases Geomorphs: Basic Cave and LaserCutCard Previews New Containers.

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Condottiere Being Added to Z-Man Games’ Catalog

Z-Man Games seem to be the place to go for re-releases and new editions of recently-classic games. They’ve got another they’re adding to their catalog. In this case, it’s Condottiere. They’re updating the rules and the map, while still keeping the art style from the 2007 version. They’re also bringing in 2-player version. You can check out their announcement below.
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New Japanese Battle-Frame Infantry Officer For Konflikt ’47

Apparently, Warlord tossed out one last release for Konflikt ’47 on Friday after I’d done my news sweep through. S’alright, I check them every day. So now I can tell you about the new Japanese Battle-Frame Infantry Officer that they’ve got available in their shop. If you want to keep your troops in line, this is just the set you need.
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Paizo Previews Skill Feats in Pathfinder 2.0

So, we got a look at how Skills will be changing in the 2nd edition of Pathfinder. But that was only part of the information on how those will work. There’s also going to be Skill Feats, and players are going to get a lot of them! But what are they and how do they work? Glad you asked, because Paizo’s here to answer.
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Android NetRunner Coming to an End

I know we don’t do much in terms of Living Card Games here on TGN. Or not-stand-alone card games, of any form, but still, I wanted to post this one up, as I did when the game was announced. Fantasy Flight Games is closing down their Android: NetRunner game. I’m saddened by this, as NetRunner is my favorite card game that’s existed. And it’s a bit of a could’ve/would’ve/should’ve for me, as I’d not been keeping up with the game as I’d really wanted to. But there was always kind of that thought that I’d jump into it. Well, that probably won’t be the case. Sure, I could pick up cards probably for cheap now, but finding players is always the most difficult thing, and most people aren’t excited to play a dead game.
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Games Workshop Taking Orders For Armiger Warglaives

Giant robot alert! We’ve got giant robot alert!
Let’s go to the visual.
Hmm… it’s looking like a new one from Games Workshop. Makes sense with their Titans book they just released. Check out and maybe order an Armiger Warglaive.
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Review Roundup

In which I totally mess up the date for when this was supposed to post and then go back and fix it. 😛
Look, these things happen sometime!
Anyway, here’s the regular grouping of review articles I know you all so desperately desire.

This week we have: Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, Rush in the Forest: Three Little Pigs, Torres, Exoudus Fleet, Steepseers, Super Hack Override, This War of Mine, Assembly, Noria, Get Off My Land, and Monster Card BLVD.

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Steamforged Taking Orders For Erskirii Wolves Guild Ball Team

In Guild Ball, teams are made up of players from all over the world. But, like the Olympics, they occasionally band together nationally for a competition. That’s what the World Cup is for. Well, Steamforged is bringing together the Erskirii Wolves, a team made up of players from Erskirad, and offering them as a team full of alternate-sculpt minis. They’re only available to order for a short time, so get in your orders now.
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Fates of Madness RPG Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Legendary Games and Mythica Games are teaming up. They’re taking the Gothic Campaign Compendium from Legendary and throwing in the card-game-making skills of Mythica to bring you Fates of Madness. It’s a cooperative RPG card game and it’s up on Kickstarter now.
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Plaid Hat Game Posts New Ashes Preview

Two new decks are coming out soon for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn from Plaid Hat Games. They’ve given us a look at one of the decks. Now it’s time to check out the other. Get yourself a peek at Sembali Grimtongue and all the things she’s capable of doing.
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Argyx Games Running Apocalypse Escape Box Kickstarter

The End Is Nigh!
Repent all you sinners!
At least, the end is nigh if you don’t figure out all the clues and put a stop to it. That’s what you’ll be looking to do in Apocalypse, a new escape box (think an escape room, but at home in a box) from Argyx Games that’s up on Kickstarter now.
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Friday Snippets

The work week is coming to an end. I don’t know about you, but this week went by faster than last week, despite last week being a short week. I dunno. Time’s weird like that. But even as we go into the weekend (of which I still have 0 plans made), we need to make sure we’re well-fed on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Fantasy Flight Coming Out With Premium Bases For Star Wars: Legion, New Bolt Action Dice Bags Available From Warlord Games, and New Dog Minis Available From Tabletop-Art.

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House of Danger Adventure Book Available To Pre-Order From Z-Man Games

I love the resurgence we’ve seen in the past couple years of the Choose Your Own Adventure books. I used to have a couple when I was a kid and loved ’em. So to see them come back for a new generation of gamers is pretty sweet. In this case, you can put your name down on the list to get House of Danger, a new adventure book coming from Z-Man Games.
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New Goblin Mercenaries Available To Order From Forge World

Goblins. They’re everywhere. They’re mean. They’re nasty. They’re coming after Frodo and the dwarves in The Hobbit. They’re also available to order from Forge World. There’s a Goblin Mercenary set you can pick up, or go all-out and get a whole Horde (goblins are certainly known for traveling in packs, after all).
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WizKids Announces D&D Icons of the Realms: Waterdeep Dragon Heist

When playing an RPG, I know that I like to have figures that represent what we’re fighting and for our characters out on the table. Sure, you could just throw anything out there and call it good, but if we’re fighting dudes in armor with mauls, I want minis of dudes in armor with mauls. If we’re fighting ghosts, I want minis of ghosts. And so forth and so on. Sometimes it can be hard to find just the mini you want, so having more is always helpful. Thankfully, there’s always new sets of figures coming out, such as D&D Icons of the Realms: Waterdeep Dragon Heist from WizKids.
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New Releases Available From Warlord Games

Is is their tradition on Fridays, Warlord Games has opened the flood gates and has a whole new flood of figures available. This time around, we’ve got new German units for Konflikt ’47, several new American releases for Bolt Action (including new bundles), and a new mounted unit for Pike & Shotte. Let’s take a deeper look.
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Fantasy Flight Previews Lando’s Falcon For X-Wing

For many of you out there, I’m sure you’ve gone to see the new Solo movie (whether you saw it with other people or not). In it, we get a bunch of background on Star Wars‘ most famous smuggler, along with how he got the iconic ship, The Millennium Falcon. Well, back when Lando had it, it was much different looking. And that version will be making its way to X-Wing tabletops. We get a look at it in this preview (note: if you’ve not seen the movie and are one of those “OMG! If I know even more than just the title of the movie, the whole thing is ruined and my life is OVER!” types, I don’t know if there’s any spoilers about the film, but you’ve been possibly warned. Don’t come cryin’ to me).
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Five New Books For Legacy: Life Among the Ruins Available

Modiphius is not sitting back and just waiting to get you some books for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins. They’ve got a quintet of new ones available in their webshop. If you’ve been wanting to expand your collection, this is definitely the time to do so. Let’s take a look at what they’ve got.
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Forbidden Games Posts New Raccoon Tycoon Preview

In just 12 days, Forbidden Games will be rolling out their Kickstarter campaign for Raccoon Tycoon. The game puts players in charge of building and maintaining trade networks of goods. It’s a boom time in the kingdom of Astoria, and everyone wants to get a piece for themselves. But, in the end, only one will be the true racoon tycoon. Forbidden has given us some new preview shots, as well as some info about the world and gameplay for you to check out.
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Fantasy Flight Announces Heroes of Terrinoth Card Game

Those dungeons aren’t going to delve themselves. Those goblins aren’t going to just stop raiding the local towns. Those monsters aren’t just going to decide they don’t want to smash everything in existence. Those evil wizards aren’t going to suddenly decide to not take over the world. That’s why Terrinoth needs heroes. And that’s just what you’ll become in Heroes of Terrinoth, a new cooperative card game coming from Fantasy Flight Games.
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Thursday Terrain Corner

The work week continues along. We’ve made it to Thursday. We can make it the rest of the way. I’ve been realizing the last couple days that I have absolutely nothing planned for this weekend. Which, after several that were pretty busy, might be just up my alley. I’m sure I’ll fill the time up with something. But what I’m filling your feed up with at the moment is terrain stories.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: High Edgmoor Hall Map Available From Heroic Maps, Acheson Creations 20% Sale on New Adventurer’s Corner Product Category, and New Maps Coming From Paizo.

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Steamforged Previews Veteran Sakana For Guild Ball

So, we had the Exiles, the various Union members that left for other Guilds. The next set coming for Guild Ball is The Faithful. They’re players who stuck with their teams (for the most part, there’s Spigot in there). In this case, it’s Sakana. A pirate’s life is for him (yarr arr yarr. I loddie the hotpants). We get a look at how he’s changing from his original incarnation in this preview.
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