New Installment for Achtung! Cthulhu Living Campaign Released

Modiphius is running a living campaign for Achtung! Cthulhu. This next, free, portion of the campaign is titled Blessed of the Wind and was done by Richard August. There’s a Nacthwolfe troop ship that’s been anchored in a fjord, and they’re obviously up to no good (being Nazis as they are). You must go find out what they’re doing there and see if you can put whatever plans they have to an end.
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Forbidden Games Running Railroad Rivals Kickstarter

Ah, to be a railroad tycoon. To be right on the cutting edge as the US made its way out west, connecting cities and building up trade routes, investing in stocks as you carry the cargo across the new rail lines to a grateful populace. That’s what you’ll be doing in Railroad Rivals, a new tile drafting and laying game from Forbidden Games. It’s up on Kickstarter now.
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XYZ Game Labs Bringing Inoka To Kickstarter In May

Mankind has only been around on this planet a relatively short time. We’re really just a small blip on the Earth’s timeline. Much of history stretches back without us. And, in those times, forest creatures would compete in a game called Achkai once a year in order to see who would be the Nature Spirit’s Guide for the year. You can take on the role of one of those creatures in the upcoming game, Inoka, coming to Kickstarter in May from XYZ Game Labs.
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Two new adventure modules for Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Up On Kickstarter

Sure, one adventure module is pretty cool. But what about a 2nd module? Well, North Wind Adventures is here to help. They don’t have just one, but two new adventures for the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea RPG up on Kickstarter. So, once you’ve gotten your players through The Anthropophagi of Xambaala, you can jump right into The Beasts of Kraggoth Manor.
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SagaBorn Creature Compendium Up On Kickstarter

The world is filled with all manner of creatures. Everywhere you go, there’s life thriving. Bringing all those critters to your RPG can be tough. That’s where bestiaries and compendiums come in. Up on Kickstarter now, there’s the SagaBorn Creature Compendium. It’s got 90+ creatures for you to throw at your party (figuratively, unless you also have some sort of creature-launching mechanism… there’s a plot hook if I ever heard one).
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Chernobyl, Mon Amour RPG Up On Indiegogo

Anyone about my age and older surely remembers Chernobyl. The reactor there went kerplooey and filled the surrounding area with deadly radiation. As such, hundreds of square miles had to be evacuated. And, to this day, barely anyone ever goes there… barely. In Chernobyl, Mon Amour, you take on the role of a Ukrainian criminal who has fled to the Zone of Alienation around the reactor. You’ve done this to escape the authorities. But, once there, you find yourself wanting more. You get lonely and soon, the desire to find others gets to you. The game is up on Indiegogo now.
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Liberty A.F.T.E.R. Sci-Fi RPG Now Available

It’s interesting how a single thing can evolve to grow into more items as it goes along. For example, the world of Liberty started off as a podcast. Then, it grew into a graphic novel. Now, they’re letting you join in with Liberty A.F.T.E.R., a new sci-fi RPG setting book using the 5th Edition rules (tweaked, obviously). If you’d like to go adventuring on a far-off distant world that’s been divided into two parts, with one side controlled by an oppressive government while the other is overrun with post-apocalyptic games, you can check out this new book.
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Podcast Roundup

It was a rainy Monday here in GA. Not the way a lot of people like to start off the week, I’m sure. Honestly, I love the rain. Had a good thundershower overnight, too. That was rather nice. As for today, we’ll see how it goes. I do know that there are plenty of podcasts you can listen to, if you don’t have the gentle rain and rolling thunder to listen to.

Today we’ve got: The Polyhedron Collider Cast From Airecon 2018; Epic Gaming Night Podcast: Patron Hang out!; Guild Ball Tonight Episode 78: The Boys From Ipanema; The Cardboard Herald Episode 71: Alex & Mike of What The Film?! & Lethal Chicken Games; Lords of the Dungeon 13: Bender’s End of the World Game, Repairing a Fractured RPG Group and Dark Earth 1899 Update; SAGA THORSDAY Episode 81: Battle Report – Vikings vs Anglo-Danes; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Bonus Episode: Designer Deep Dive- Imperius by Grant Rodiek; Scanners Offline Episode 5: Battle for Tlalacon; and News of the North – 2018-03-20.

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Mists of Akuma: Imperial Matchmaker 5th Edition Adventure Up On Kickstarter

You know, I’ve often said that I love pre-made adventures, as they give the GM a lot of resources and can make the game as easy for them as it is for the players to just play it. Usually, they’re good for a level or two, but the Mists of Akuma: Imperial Matchmaker adventure for 5th Edition is here to get your players from 4th to 10th level. Yeah, that’s quite a module. It’s set in the eastern fantasy noir steampunk Soburin setting, and it’s up on Kickstarter now.
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Fun Forge Running Monumental Board Game Kickstarter

This game is Monumental in more ways than one. First, that’s the game’s name. Second, it’s got a whole ton of stuff going on in it. There’s exploration. There’s conquest. There’s deck-building. There’s terrain tiles. There’s miniatures. There’s different and distinct civilizations you can choose to be. There’s… well, there’s only one chance to get the game. This is a Kickstarter-exclusive product. So if you want it, now’s your time to get it.
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Highways & Byways – A Board Game About Road Trips, Coming to Kickstarter on March 26

I love road trips. I seriously do. I’d much rather get in a car and drive from Atlanta to Indy or Chicago or St. Louis than fly. Ugh. I hate flying. But give me a car and an open road and maybe a traveling companion and I’m good to go. But I can’t always get the time off to head out all over the country. But I can still live vicariously through my board games. That’s where Highways & Byways will come in. It’s a new game all about trekking across the US. It’s also coming to Kickstarter in about a week.
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Dark Art Studios Posts Plague Demon Sculpting Guide

Byron Townshend is the sculptor for Dark Art Studios. He’s started a new series that you can check out where he shows you how he creates the creatures that eventually go for sale on the site. He’s starting out with Part 1, wherein he shows you how he starts with an armature and works his way up using traditional sculpting techniques with Green Stuff. If you’ve ever had questions about how figures are made, or maybe wanted to start trying it for yourself, you should check this out.
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Siren’s Call Sci-Fi RPG Up On Kickstarter

Humanity has finally reached the point where they’ve decided that the Earth is not enough. Neither is the Solar System. They’ve got their sights set on interstellar travel, and their first target is the planet Siren, orbiting around Alpha Centauri A. The 10,000 colonists are in stasis during the trip, but what will they find when they reach their new destination? That’s what you’ll be finding out in Siren’s Call, a new campaign and sourcebook for the Shadows Over Sol RPG. It’s up on Kickstarter now.
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Talk Wargaming Hiring Graphic Artists

A lot of people feel that working in the gaming industry is like working at Willy Wonka’s factory. I have to say, it’s not quite like that. It’s a job, like every other job. Are there cool things that go on? Certainly. But there’s still lots of things to do. And while you might pick up a game here and there at lunch, it’s mostly just doing regular things. That’s not to say it’s not awesome, mind you. I certainly don’t want to leave it. And if you would still like to join in, well, Talk Wargaming is looking for a new Graphic Artist.
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Armies & Legions & Hordes Book Up On Kickstarter

Miniatures gamers know that it can be exciting to get into a new project, but once you dive in and you realize just what all there is to do, it can be hard to power through. Even small-model-count games can seem daunting. So, how do you make it? Well, Dave Taylor has been doing this for longer than many of us, and he’s got some ideas on the subject. He’s collected those and turned them into a book, Armies & Legions & Hordes. That book is up on Kickstarter now.
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What’s Changed in DreadBall Second Edition?

Whenever a game goes through an edition change, there’s going to be things that stay the same and things that change. I mean, there’s a new edition, so there’s gotta be changes. But many players might be anxious to see what those are. Did a favorite mechanic get an overhaul? Did a model’s rules change? There can be a lot of anxiety over all of that. Well, Mantic’s here to put your worries at ease with a look at what’s changed in the new edition of DreadBall.
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Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes Sci-Fi Skirmish Rules Up On Kickstarter

To the end of a really long chain of numbers and then a bit further!
Galactic Heroes is a new set of sci-fi skirmish rules. Players can build their teams of about 5-6 models from a large plethora of options. Come up with your own story for why your group is fighting together. Are they space pirates? Adventurers? The last of their species from a destroyed planet? Whatever you choose is how it’ll be. The game is up on Kickstarter now.
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Monday Terrain Corner

Aaaaaaand we loop around to Monday.
No, I’m not really a fan of it, either. But, that’s the way the world works. We can still try and make the most of it by thinking about next weekend and the gaming that will (hopefully) be had. And with that gaming probably comes terrain.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Lord of the Rings Playmats Available From Fantasy Flight and New official Frostgrave Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

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The Mermaid’s Blessing RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

Pre-made adventures give GMs a ready-to-go group of game sessions. They give you everything you need and you can have a group go through them over the course of several sessions. The Mermaid’s Blessing is a new adventure for 5th Edition that’s up on Kickstarter now. I don’t really think that these mermaids are going to be combing their hair with forks and singing with crabs.
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Boardgame Designer’s Retreat Up On Kickstarter

Are you a game designer? Would you like to hone your craft by talking with some of the best in the industry about how games are made? Then the Boardgame Designer’s Retreat, presented by Tabletop Network, is the best place to go. Being held near Salt Lake City, you can go and hear talks by designers such as Rob Daviau, Ryan Laukat, Tom Lehmann, and many more. Tickets are being sold through Kickstarter
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Wyrd Previews Fitzsimmons And His Saboteurs

Fitzsimmons and his Saboteurs sounds like a hipster punk band.
I mean, doesn’t it? Can’t you just see them up on stage? Top hats and bowlers with giant safety pins in them? Overcoats with patches all over them? Monocle with a spiked chain?
Anyway, they’re what we get a look at in today’s Monday Preview from Wyrd as they delve back in to the Backdraft Encounter Box.
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New Dark Age Releases Available From CMON

The latest set of releases for Dark Age is now available. Skarrd have the most releases going for them, with a new Command Box, Church of Worms, and several more big guys, going all the way up to the massive Warhead. Brood also makes a show in terms of releases. They have their new Pud Hatchery box.
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New Releases and Pre-Orders Available From Warlord Games

Yeah, that headline’s a bit vague. But Warlord Games did one of their “here’s a whoooooooooole ton of stuff!” releases. And so, either it’s put a whole bunch of their mixed games together, or have almost half of today’s posts just about the new stuff. There’s lots of new Viking/Saxon pieces for Hail Caesar. There’s a Test of Honour set. A new tank for Bolt Action. And a new drone for Beyond the Gates of Antares.
Like I said, it’s a lot of stuff.
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Forgebane Box Set Available to Order From Games Workshop

I feel like we should be listening to Anvil – Metal on Metal when typing up and reading this post.
In the grimdark future of the 41st millennium, the soft, fleshy, biological form is seen by many as old and outdated. Why have bones that can break and are hard to replace when you can just have carbon fiber? Why have a fleshy meat-brain that can get old and deteriorate as opposed to a solid-state hard drive? Both the Adeptus Mechanus and the Necrons have both decided that trading out organic compounds for technological constructs is best. And these two group are facing off in the Forgebane box set, now available to pre-order.
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Review Roundup

Erin go Bear!
I’m actually half-Irish. My grandfather on my mother’s side was actually an Irish-Catholic cop in Chicago, because stereotypes come from somewhere. So, while you’re out having your corned beef and cabbage (which is more American than Irish, but whatever), let’s also get you some reviews.

Today we have: Quest for El Dorado, Mysthea, Pandemonium, Clank: The Mummy’s Curse, Onitama, Samurai Gardener, Byzanz, Demon Trilogy: Subrosa, Barbarians: The Invasion, Dragon Keepers, The Lost Expedition, and Red7 App.

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Modiphius Releases Cold and Dark: Better Worlds Sourcebook

The galaxy is big. And, despite having all those stars, much of it is very cold and very dark. There’s also quite a lot of planets out there to explore. Add all those together and you get the new release from Modiphius. Cold and Dark: Better Worlds gives players a lot more in-depth information about the various star systems and the planets that silently revolve around them. With lots of new adventure hooks, your players will have endless new opportunities for adventure.
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Battlefront Posts UK Open Day Info, New Avanti Releases

Battlefront is coming at you with a lot of info today. Starting out, they’re going to be having their UK Open Day on June 30th and wanted to make sure you had all the important info about it. Then, they swap to “new release mode” (many people’s favorite mode from companies) and brings out a new batch of figures for the Italians in Flames of War.
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Assault Publishing Releases Shadows in the Void: First Encounters

In this day and age, with so many games out there, it’s impossible to buy and keep up with them all. Even just buying rulebooks for games you want to try can get to be prohibitively expensive. That’s where free trial versions of rules come in. I love when companies do this. And that’s why I’m singing the praises of Assault Publishing. They’ve posted up a free trial version of their Shadows in the Void rules set titled First Encounters. You can download your copy now and “try before you buy.”
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Jeff Foxworthy’s Relative Insanity Card Game Available to Order

My extended family is fairly large and… varied. You know, the crazy cousin, the strange great-uncle, the reclusive aunt. All that kind of stuff. I’m sure many of you have similar stories. Well, Play Monster is letting you tell everyone about those crazy relatives in their new game, Jeff Foxworthy’s Relative Insanity card game. The game takes bits from comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s stand-up act and lets you use them to tell people about how strange your family unit really is.
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Wyrd Previews Immolated Rhino For The Other Side

If you were to think of a rhino that would belong to the Cult of the Burning Man, you would probably think that said rhino would be on fire or somesuch. Makes perfect sense. That kinda seems like that’s what they’re getting. In today’s The Other Side preview from Wyrd, we get a look at the Immolated Rhino.
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Friday Snippets

Well, we finally made it to Friday. Seemed to take its dear, sweet time. I’m certainly ready for the weekend. It’s Board Game Day up at the library tomorrow. I’m gonna try and stop by and see what’s shakin’. I’m also going to be hitting F5 on the FedEx tracking site today as I wait for my package to be delivered. Because that’s just how things are. So, while I try and make sure I don’t totally break my keyboard, let’s get to some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Kraken Dice Weekend St. Patrick’s Sale Happening Now, New Escher Weapon Sets Available to Order From Forge World, and Free Gipsy Danger added to Pacific Rim Extinction.

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Freedom Squadron Setting Book For Savage Worlds Up On Kickstarter

In the not-so-distant future, an international paramilitary organization and global terrorist group, VENOM, will launch its bid to conquer the Earth. Standing in their way is the Freedom Force, a hand-picked group of the greatest heroes the world has ever seen. You can be part of that group in your Savage Worlds games by picking up the Freedom Squadron setting book. It’s up on Kickstarter now.
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2nd Wave of Dark Souls Board Game Releases Available To Pre-order

Steamforged Games has started taking pre-orders for their next wave of releases for the Dark Souls board game. If you feel you’ve figured out the boss moves of the current baddies on offer, soon you’ll be able to change out for a whole new cadre of huge monsters that will surely cause you to see the “You Died” screen.
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Game Nite Issue 22 Now Available

Filling up your day with gaming is as easy as grabbing a gaming magazine. They’re full of all sorts of useful information on a variety of topics. For example, look at the latest issue of Game Nite. It’s got an article about a new book about different characteristics in games. It’s got a review of The Dresden Files app. There’s information about taking photos of games. And it’s free. So why not go get yourself a copy?
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Good Dog, Bad Zombie Board Game Up On Kickstarter

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. They can do all sorts of amazing things, from simply companionship to helping keep zombies at bay. Yes, the zombies are attacking and it’s time for all the doggos to come together and save humanity. That’s what’s going on in Good Dog, Bad Zombie. Players work together as a pack of dogs to save the various humans still stuck in a crumbling city ruin. The game is up on Kickstarter now.
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