Awaken Realms Running Etherfields Board Game Kickstarter

Awaken Realms has launched their highly-anticipated Etherfields Board Game Kickstarter. Created by Michal Oracz, players head into the realm of the Dream Crawlers. It's a strange, ethereal world where your decisions will have lasting impacts on the game. Build your character up over time and become the ultimate master.

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Renegade Game Studio Taking Pre-Orders for Paladins of the West Kingdom

The West Kingdom series from Renegade Game Studios is getting a new addition. You can head over and put in your pre-order for Paladins of the West Kingdom. West Francia is under attack on all sides from the likes of Saracens, Vikings, and even Byzantines. The nobles of France must find soldiers to defend their territory. In the end, one will be hailed as the savior of France.

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CMON and IDW Announce Dragon Ball Z Miniature Mayhem Board Game


I don't know. That's what I think of when I think of DBZ. Though I've since found out that all that padding was put in because the animators were under such a schedule that they just needed more time to get more animating done, and that was a great way to stretch things out. But anyway, that's all beside the point. You can power up your attacks as much as you want in the upcoming Dragon Ball Z Miniature Mayhem board game, coming from CMON and IDW.

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New D-Day Americans Available For Flames of War

The Normandy invasion not only changed the course of WWII, but the course of world history. But if you in charge of the various forces, would you have done things differently? That's for you to decide in Flames of War. Battlefront is featuring that momentous day with their recent releases, and they're adding to it with some new American sets available now.

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Friday Snippets

Friday! Gateway to the weekend! You know I'm happy about it, because I have gaming tomorrow. Also, I did end up getting my sauces yesterday. They're all delicious. Any other hot sauce afficionados out there? Since gaming has become my 9-5, food has basically become my hobby. And speaking of bite-size morsels, let's take a look at some gaming-related appetizers.

Today on the platter we have: New Triad Bases Available From Micro Art Studio, Crit Dice Up On Kickstarter, and New Rolling Slaughter Vehicle Attachment Available From Puppets War.

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Wyrd Posts Gen Con Newsletter Showing Show Releases, Hiring Game Designers

Wyrd Games loves to go all-out for Gen Con. And, I mean, why not? It's 4 days of gaming with tens of thousands of gamers from all over the world. For those that'll be at the show, they've posted up what Malifaux and The Other Side releases they'll have at the show.

They're also hiring a pair of game designers. Considered by many to be the "holy grail" of gaming jobs, if you think you have what it takes, send in your resume.

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USAopoly Announces Disney Geek Out

Many of us know someone who knows every Disney movie inside and out (or maybe that person is you). If so, I've got a game for them/you. It's Geek Out! Disney edition from USAopoly. Test your Disney movie trivia in multiple rounds of questions, trying to get the high score. Just don't get answers wrong, or you'll lose points. Will you live your happily ever after in the winner's circle?

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Privateer Press Previews Sons of the Tempest Theme Force for Warmachine

Privateer Press is continuing their look at the updated Theme Forces coming in Oblivion. We've seen a lot of Hordes ones, but how about a Warmachine one? That's what we get today. Cygnar's the faction. It used to be my main faction. Will this new update bring me back into the lightning shrouded fold? Let's find out.

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Artipia Games Running Rush M.D. Board Game Kickstarter

No, it's not a game about Geddy Lee diagnosing your stomach pains. Let's just get that out of the way.

I used to work in a hospital. And, yeah, it can be a really hectic, crazy place. When something goes wrong, there's usually only seconds to help out in these very real life-and-death scenarios. Thankfully, in Rush M.D., you're not actually holding someone's life in your hands, but you still need to be able to make split-second decisions in this real-time, cooperative game. It's up on Kickstarter now.

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CMON Announces Teburu Gaming System

CMON and Xplored have announced the Teburu Gaming System. It's a new evolution in gaming technology that melds the electronic and the physical in new ways. Utilizing an electronic board and RFID chips in miniatures, as well as smart dice, players' actions and rolls are automatically registered by the gaming system and displayed on the main screen while player's individual smart devices show a player's personal dashboard.

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Thursday Terrain Corner

Friday Eve. The weekend is nearly upon us. I'm not only looking forward to that, but my latest Heatonist box will be here today at some point. So there's plenty to be excited about. There's also plenty to be excited about because we've got some really amazing terrain projects to show you today.

In the Terrain Corner we have: MagnaHex Terrain System Up On Kickstarter, ESLOTerrain Running 3d Printable Castle Kickstarter, Tinywargames Roads and Rivers Up On Kickstarter, and Tabletop World's Altburg Stable Up On Kicktsarter.

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Plaid Hat Games Preview Rover for Quirky Circuits

Dogs love bones. That's just a known thing. And Rover, the new figure previewed for Quirky Circuits from Plaid Hat Games, is no different. Though, instead of just chewing on them, he's digging up old bones for a museum exhibit. Will players be able to successfully program where he's to go? That's up to you to find out.

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Warlord Games Previews Their New Resin

SPQR, the upcoming game from Warlord Games, will be the first made with their new material, Warlord Resin. But what is this new material? How will it affect the look of the models? How well does it paint up? How resilient is it? A change in material is usually a really big thing for a game, so I'm sure you're all interested to see what this new stuff is like. Thankfully, Warlord's posted up a little preview of it for you.

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Fantasy Flight Previews Tech From Star Wars RPG: Gadgets & Gear

There's a lot of little gizmos, gadgets, tech, toys, weapons, and other gear in the Star Wars universe. From weapons to communicators to scanners to everything in-between. Fantasy Flight is putting out a book full of the stuff for the Star Wars RPG, called Gadgets and Gear, and they want you to get a sneak-preview of what will be lining Wotto's shelves when the book releases.

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Wyrd Posts New Releases To Be At Gen Con

Good lord, we're damn-near to Gen Con. There's only about... oh... a billion more things I need to do before then (rough estimate). While you're planning out your "To do" lists for the show, you should check out Wyrd's post about what all new goodies they'll be bringing with them. That way, you can know to stop by (or order yourself a Ninja Shopper to help you out).

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Magical Kitties Save the Day RPG Up On Kickstarter

There's problems out in the world. Problems like witches. Problems like aliens. Problems like hyper-intelligent raccoons. And modern problems call for modern solutions. I mean, of course, magical kitties. And that's exactly what you'll be becoming in Magical Kitties Save the Day, a new RPG from Atlas Games that's up on Kickstarter now.

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Gatefall Chapter One: Fantasy Vs Post-Apocalyptic Miniatures Game Up On Kickstarter

The barrier has been broken. A rift has opened. And different realities are clashing, literally. Gatefall is a new strategic miniatures game where players fight against one-another to see whose reality will survive. The theme allows for all types of characters to interact and battle, and the first chapter includes Fantasy and Post-Apocalytpic miniatures. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

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Zenit Miniatures Running Neko Fantasy Football Team Kickstarter

Cats are fast. They are clever. And they are sharp. Sounds like the perfect addition to a football pitch. And that's what you can do with the new Neko Team that Zenit Miniatures has up on Kickstarter now. It's a full team with plenty of extras all set to go. Grab the team that'll have your opponent screaming, "That darn cat!"

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