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Wiz-War’s Ninth Edition Now Available for Pre-Order on BackerKit

Wiz-War’s Ninth Edition Now Available for Pre-Order on BackerKit

Wiz-War, the classic game of wizard warfare, is back and better than ever with its ninth edition. The highly anticipated game has just finished manufacturing at the factory and is set to be shipped in April. Pre-orders for the game are currently open at BackerKit for residents of the United States, United Kingdoms, Canada, and select EU countries.

This latest edition of Wiz-War was successfully funded in January after a Kickstarter campaign, and now fans who missed out on the campaign have the chance to pre-order the game. The game is expected to be shipped to stores late this year, after the completion of Kickstarter rewards and BackerKit pre-orders.

The game, designed by Tom Jolly and illustrated by Phil Foglio, includes double-sided modular game boards, dice, standies, and more. Players can choose to play with two to six players and will clash in a magical dungeon, zapping each other to be the last one standing.

In addition to Wiz-War, the BackerKit pre-order store also offers the new edition of GreedQuest, several different dice and accessories, and more games and expansions illustrated by Phil Foglio. Fans are encouraged to check out the pre-order store for a look at everything that is being offered.

The pre-order store provides an opportunity for fans who missed the Kickstarter campaign and those who did not make the cut for the limited edition of the game to purchase a copy. By placing a pre-order now, fans can ensure that they will receive the game as soon as possible.

Wiz-War has been a fan-favorite game for years, and this latest edition promises to be just as exciting and engaging as previous versions. Fans can look forward to getting their hands on the game in April and experiencing the thrill of wizard warfare once again.