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Warhammer Preview at LVO 2024: A Spectacular Showcase of Upcoming Releases

Warhammer Preview at LVO 2024: A Spectacular Showcase of Upcoming Releases

The Warhammer community witnessed an exhilarating start to 2024 with the first Warhammer Preview at the Las Vegas Open (LVO). Renowned as one of the world’s largest independent Warhammer tournaments, LVO 2024 has become a pivotal platform for Games Workshop to unveil a series of eagerly anticipated releases for the year.

In an electrifying broadcast earlier today, Games Workshop revealed an array of new miniatures, capturing the attention of fans worldwide. Among the highlights were the new Kroot miniatures, sparking excitement across the Warhammer community. For those who missed the live event, the entire Preview is available for streaming, offering a comprehensive look at the latest additions to the Warhammer universe.

For enthusiasts who prefer reading or wish to scrutinize the intricate details of the miniatures, such as uncovering what secrets the Croneseer hides behind her hair, detailed articles are available, providing an in-depth exploration of today’s reveals.

Kill Team: Nightmare
In the upcoming ‘Kill Team: Nightmare’, the formidable Nemesis Claw kill team will face a new challenge in the form of the sinister Mandrakes from Commorragh. This addition promises to add a new level of terror and excitement to the gameplay.

Warcry: Pyre and Flood
The narrative continues to unfold in the Realm of Death, Nagashizzar, with the introduction of Pyregheists in the Ghurish jungle. The Ydrilan Riverblades, adept at harnessing the elemental power of Hysh’s rivers, emerge as formidable opponents in this new Warcry saga.

Kroot Hunting Pack Army Set
Anticipation builds for the release of ‘Codex: T’au Empire’, as the Kroot, known for their auxiliary melee prowess, receive an impressive expansion. The set includes Krootox cavalry, new Shaper variants, and updated Carnivores, enriching the T’au Empire’s arsenal.

The Croneseer and Dawnbringers Book V
A mysterious figure from the Daughters of Khaine, the Croneseer, steps into the spotlight, diverging from Morathi-Khaine’s followers and hinting at a different allegiance in the ongoing Twin-tailed Crusade.

Callis and Toll
The Mortal Realms introduce Callis and Toll, heroes from Hammerhal, equipped to combat its nightmarish horrors. They make a grand entrance with new miniatures, a Black Library novel, and a central role in Dawnbringers Book V.

Zondara’s Gravebreakers
In a tale of love and necromancy, Zondara Rivenheart ventures into the Deathgorge, accompanied by undead horrors and the transformed Ferlain, in a desperate quest for salvation.

Solar Auxilia
Highlighting the might of humanity, the Solar Auxilia are set to challenge the Legio Astartes with an array of new plastic miniatures, showcasing the prowess of the galaxy’s finest human soldiers.